American Express Lounge Sydney Airport


Arriving at the airport

Flying out of Sydney International Airport has never been easier, or more enjoyable.

It is time for us to start our fifth year of international travel, and we find ourselves back where we first began, leaving Australia from Sydney International Airport once more.

We’ve checked in at the Scoot Airlines counter and obtained my boarding pass, and then head through Australian Customs, and the Duty-Free shopping area.


Finding the lounge

The American Express Sydney Airport Lounge, with my American Express Diamond Credit Card which is by Gate 24 in the International Terminal.


Seating in the lounge

Whilst a little smaller than some Airport Lounges, here you will find great options for seating in various areas, including swivel seats right by the window offering a perfect view of the tarmac.

There is also side lounges, group areas, and center bar-style double-sided seating.


Wifi and charging

Explorason instantly sets up his computer to use the complimentary wifi, and there are plenty of places to charge your technology in the lift up flaps on our bench table too.



I came in out of the cold but found it lovely and warm sitting by the window, and soon my coat was off and I was ‘toasty and comfortable’ as I nestled in to enjoy a much-needed barista-made coffee.

Alcohol is also served – 2 complimentary drinks per person.

Explorason loved the juice, and also the hot chocolates.  Soda, soft aerated beverages, and bottled water are also served.



We came mid-morning so enjoyed the best of both worlds.  Firstly we hit the tail-end of the breakfast food, so we were able to enjoy a hot breakfast.



In no time at all lunch was served, and as a mother, I loved the healthy selection of fresh food that I was able to entice my son to dish up for himself.


Wide selection of food

There was a section where sandwiches could be made and also toasted if desired.

Plus a nice cheese board, which proved to be a winner with guests from the moment it appeared.  Explorason also loved this, but then he spied the sweet treats and desserts too.


Family friendly

With a child-friendly selection, we appreciated the American Express Airport Lounge to be extremely family friendly.


No flight calls

You’ll love the lack of constant flight announcements here. There are no flights called in this lounge, so although that can be great, we did lose track of time. We found ourselves grabbing a cookie as we raced the ten minutes to the other end of the airport just as our plane was boarding.



Entry to The American Express Lounge at Sydney International Airport

(American Express Lounge)

Terminal 1

Located next to Gate 24

Which cards can access the lounge

How did we end up using this lounge you may well be asking?

As a customer of the Commonwealth Bank of Australia, the American Express airport Credit Card allows me 2 free entries to this lounge per year, along with my son who accompanied me.

Listed below are other cards that allow entry so we believe.

Please check to see if your card is included in the list below and that this list has not changed.

American Express Australia Limited are eligible to enter Sydney American Express Lounge as well as:

American Express® Business Centurion Card

American Express® Centurion Card

American Express® Platinum Card

American Express® Qantas Corporate Platinum Card

American Express® Business Platinum Card

American Express® Corporate Platinum Card

American Express® Platinum Reserve Credit Card

American Express Velocity Platinum Card

Qantas American Express Ultimate Card

The cards listed below by licensed network partners are also entitled to enter Sydney American Express Lounge:

ANZ Rewards Black American Express Card

ANZ Frequent Flyer Black American Express Card

Westpac Earth Black American Express Card

Westpac Altitude Black American Express Card

Commonwealth Bank Australia Diamond Awards American Express Card




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2 thoughts on “American Express Lounge Sydney Airport

  1. David and I used this lounge earlier this year. I think our particular cards only give us one entry per year which is not nearly enough for us, but on the other hand we try not to hang around at airports too much so it isn’t really a problem. I don’t know if it works with all AMEX cards but ours also gives us free trolly hire – a real benefit when you travel, as we often do, with bicycles.

    • I think you are right about the trolley hire. I did not know some cards were only once a year. Glad you added that comment. Best people check in that case. Thanks for the tip. Happy travels to you and David.

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