Taking a bath in Bath

Taking a bath in Bath

Our road trip continues, and we journey on towards Bath. As we draw closer we turn off the Motorway, and onto a road leading in.

We decide to stop at a bakery for a toilet break, and as we do we spy the hotel we have booked for the night – complete and utter chance.  So we sort and drop off our bags and get directions to the best place to park in Bath. This proves most useful as we head to the very crowded city center.

We go to take a look at the Baths but there are so many people lined up for the same, plus it is about $40 Australian a person to go in. So we decide to look in through the restaurant window instead and then to wait and do a walking tour of Bath.

Bath pools are mineral pools, so the green is the minerals and the general Roman baths are not open for a swim.

So we head out for lunch and find a fantastic little French bakery.  Here we are served by a lovely lady. The food and coffee here were great, and so were the prices. It was down a little laneway, and we loved sitting in the sun.

We wander back to the cathedral and wait for our tour to begin.  This is a great square with loads of buskers and tourists.

We meet our guide. There must have been 40 people on the walking tour, so we are split into small groups. Our guide is funny and engages with Explorason. We tell him he is a “teacher” for today, and he is great!

So he takes us to the adults-only spa, but of course, we can’t go in as we have a child. This really disappointed us about Bath, as we had gone there with great hopes of a dip.

We do learn a lot of history, and we walk as far as into the park with him. The weather here is too hot, our feet are getting too tired, and really and Explorason is slowly losing interest in the lesson.


Exploramum and Explorason – entrance to Bath park

So we head back to the main square and enjoy seeing the buskers.

It is already 3:30 p.m., so we decide it is time for an early day. We have decided to stay at The Crown at Tolldown. It is about 10 miles out, but a great saving on accommodation.


Exploramum and Explorason – The Crown at Tolldown

We return for an early dinner and love it. The restaurant is very modern in terms of the food served. The style is good old fashioned service.

Our room is only 6 weeks old!  It is fantastic with a great room tray of goodies including plunger coffee, cookies, and sparkling water.

So now it is time for a bath.

We actually all take turns and have a lovely hot relaxing bubble bath – yes a bath in Bath.

Accommodation Name: The Crown at Tolldown

Location:  Tolldown, Dyrham, Chippenham SN14 8HZ

Telephone:  01225 891166

Website: http://www.thecrowntolldown.co.uk/home

Date stayed: June 2014

Breakfast: Fully cooked with a vegetarian option

Bar: Yes

Kitchen: Not in the room. Restaurant available.

Wi-fi:  Yes

Child-friendly: Yes

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  1. Just found your blog, and enjoying a good read about the UK places you have visited. I love Bath, the buskers are great. I will write about you on my blog. Great adventures for your son. Best wishes, ilona

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