A hike to Temple of the Moon in Cuzco, Peru

A hike to Temple of the Moon in Cuzco, Peru

Being in Cuzco, Peru we are surrounded by Inca and pre-Inca ruins, and fabulous walks.
So when we woke to sunshine, we decided today was the day for a local hike to Temple of the Moon.
Now I am no hiker, we go on walks, but this was a hike!
The hill from town to the hills was pretty steep.
Half the water was gone and we were only 1/4 way up.
We stopped first at ‘Monkey Temple’.
Miro started to teach my son how to sword fight.

There were different strokes and defense techniques, and he was patient in showing my son these.

Carved in the rocks are two monkeys and a snake.
Here you can see a monkey outline, in the fetal position, but it is not too clear.

The snakes were a lot easier to see!

We stopped and had a little lunch break, as it was actually quite hot.

We then went to go to the caves at Temple of the Moon.
Unfortunately, they have been roped off now, but we managed to see quite clearly where the steps and temple were carved.
It was a shame, as there are caves to explore.

On the other side of the temple, steps are carved part way up.
It is interesting as they only had bronze tools, and bronze is too soft to carve these stones.
Some say they were carved after the great flood, when the rocks may have been softer.
I found this to be an interesting idea.

There are a lot of places to explore in this area.
Many carved doorways and you have to wonder why.
We wandered below to a creek and a waterhole.
Behind us, a local was washing his hair in the creek.
We finished our lunch.
We would have gone on further, but I was getting a sunburnt face, and so we started to head back.

The boys started to sword fight, and run ahead.
It is good to see them using their energy and enjoying the sun, as they both enjoy the indoors.

As we walked home – and this was much faster – we stopped to enjoy the view of the city.
This is something that is free to do in Cuzco.
Traveling on a budget means that we often try to find things that are not always ‘spending money’.
If you stay in Cuzco there is also a giant Christ statue on the top of a hill.
Another free walk to do.

At the end of the day, we all had sore muscles.
My face was bright red!
As we watched the sun set over the city, we could see the snow-capped mountain of
Ausangate changed to pink tones – it was glorious and a wonderful end to our day.

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  • Have you been to Peru?
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  • Have you been to the temple of the moon in Cuzco Peru?
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