Areguá Paraguay A quaint town close to Asuncion

Areguá Paraguay A quaint town close to Asuncion

We are heading out today with a Mother and her daughter from Norway. We have met them at our hostel. Apparently, they are staying in the room next to ours. I am happy that at least I have someone I cant talk with regarding the challenges we face as single parents on every single parent travel. I am glad that they have asked to join our day’s outing. We are going with the lawyer we met the other night. Safety in numbers is good. And our new friend, ‘Hugo’ doesn’t mind a bit. Some of the people we had here had the minds of luxury travel experts. I am impressed that they know so much about travel, comfort, and safety both for individual and family travel.

So we race out. As we pass the family grave houses, Hugo tells us that this is the poorer section.  The other side has grand rooms for the families, but we couldn’t stop the car to get a photo there.

Next, he takes us to this incredibly unfinished piece of architecture – which is actually for sale – by Jenaro Pindú.

The traffic is slow – it takes us ages to get out of Asuncion, and the kids are in the back playing phone games quite happily.

We arrive at Areguá, and we have a lovely lunch.  I try some fish stew. It has sponge honeycomb seafood and is quite nice.  I can’t remember the name!  We are all getting along well. Guarani natives visit the table with their wares.

Next, a musical comes along with guitar and pan pipes.  The lady at the next table gets up and sings and dances.  Next thing, so am I!  I have a fabulous time. I have decided to enjoy every day.  My son is learning to make YouTube videos and uploads, so he has put it on YouTube too

After lunch, we wander the streets looking at the pottery. Grey clouds are rolling over our heads, and our jackets are way back in the car, as it starts to get cold. I love so much – wish I could buy these fun little guys!

Love the old buses as they come by; the bougainvillea; and the pottery – there are so many kinds to select from.  Hugo has already bought my son a kite from a street seller as we drove along.  My son can’t wait to fly it. He bought us lunch, and now he has bought both Kamilla and I a hanging bird to take home. I got a Toucan – I am pretty wrapped as I really, really love them!

There are some lovely old stores to wander through.  It is a town well worth a visit, and I believe there is a lake nearby.

Here you can see my son with some of the birds that hang in the trees – so cute!

I am seriously in love with these plaques.  I am still cranky with myself for not buying at least a couple.  They were all of $2 – $3 AU and I think they look brilliant!

It starts to rain.  Not a bother – we eat ice-cream – which is also really cheap – 2 massive scoops is about $1.50 AU or less.  As we sit and laugh the rain decides to really come down. Hugo is a bit of a hero to us all.  He runs back in the rain quite a few blocks and fetches the car.

We end up going back into town, and it is the night when we arrive.  We head to a mall for yummy coffee. My son gets a kick out of the table buzzers.  Fab service at the press of a button.  We have found these to be common in Paraguay.  I think Australia could use more of these in their restaurants to save hovering waiters.

We arrive back at the hostel.  Head to the supermarket and end up sharing a lovely bottle of wine and a pasta healthy vegetarian dinner together.  It is nice to make new friends.  We chat to well into the night.  They will head off tomorrow to Argentina.  We are having a rest day.  We decide to change our plans and go in a different direction and meet up with them in 3 days.  I love the freedom of our travel!
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  • Are you a family that permanently travels around the world?
  • Have you visited Aregua’ before?
  • How was the experience?
  • What did you make of their culture?
  • Do share your comments with us below.

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