Marica Ponta Negra Barrio Brazil

Marica Ponta Negra Barrio Brazil

Ponta Negra (Black Point) is a cute little town off the Gringo trail. We have actually been staying here the for last few weeks (my blogs are behind). It is quite traditional as far as a Summer vacation coastal town. However, at this time, the locals consider the town to be having a winter season.

There is a small square area with exercise equipment at the center. My son really loves the equipment. There is a lighthouse at the end of our road.

On weekends you can get coconut water.

Many a bar is along the coast – people love to drink beer and eat here. As long as you order, you get the chair, and sometimes the umbrella for free.

I love the local houses. So many have a Brazilian lad on the porch. You can just see her top right here.

This is one of the local fruit vendors. He is here every day.

A local bike adds to the rustic feel.

People spill out onto the streets on weekends, when there is a celebration.

People gather at the end of the day along the river for a beer.

Near the local lighthouse is a rocky area they say you can often feed the turtles. Unfortunately, we just smelt dead fish!

The local guys build in their Speedo’s….classic. I love the rubber gloves.

There are some any great houses – it is hard to show them all. This has a great cacti collection.

We come across one of the local soccer fields.  I love the garbage birds lined up on the post.

Houses are so colorful.

We saw this guy every day. I think he is the local scrap collector. Rain or shine he was out there. He always greeted us, and we would beep our horn at him.

Another house with the Brazilian lady on the porch – she gets around.

Near Marica, the locals huddle for a beer by the lake – it is raining on this day.

We see this bike parked in front of a bar. Next day he is miles away up the coast selling vegetables.

We had fun on this rainy day as a beach buggy drove past us. Love the umbrella! We enjoy a joke as we ride along next to them.

It is all quiet in Winter – even though it is still warm. The lake near Marica is deserted.

Every town has a little church, and this is by the Marica Lake too. More of the lake – it would be lovely with people in Summer. In a nutshell – we are lonely – big time!

Fishermen stand in the lake with their nets – these guys are just finishing – nothing!


Morning drinks at the bar – there is always one hanging around.

In the next town, this guy comes out on weekends with his fruit.


The coast is lovely – but again – there is no-one around.


Finally this Sunday we find a small cafe/bar. We stop for some pasti – a pastry with cheese or other filling deep fried

Ahhh – here is a vegetable salesman – remember his bike in the other town?

My son makes some friends on the beach. It is amazing how they communicate.

 Next thing we are invited for drinks and food at the local party behind the bar. This guy was funny – he just wanted to kiss an Australian…the crowd roared with laughter. He fed us well – chicken, garlic bread and other goodies.

Next thing the kids are lined up for ice-cream. Somehow I feel we have gate-crashed a party! It was one of the highlights of our stay. The crowds were from Rio – but they welcomed us as friends. A couple spoke a little English – we had fun!

This is my favorite house – it is down the hill from where we stayed.

This little chapel is in a private yard by the lake. It has “cute factor” written all over it I think.

Here are a few of the local fishing boats. The walls of the river are lined with them – colorful!


 This is the main church in Marica. It is really packed on a Sunday and has a square nearby that has many outdoor music events.

I love these people – I joke that I am so lonely and no-one will talk to me!

As we go to say goodbye to Ponta Negra I have to admit that I will miss driving or walking by the river and seeing the locals have a chat.

Here, by the river, we saw a hummingbird and a kingfisher tonight. A great end to our stay.







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