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There are ten luxury family resorts in the world discussed in this article which we think will fascinate you.  These might assist you in choosing where to spend precious days relaxing with your family, even if just once in your life.

Whose family doesn’t want to have a holiday together? Whether you are a big or small family, a single or two-parent family, or even an extended family, we think family time aims to bond your relation between family members.

Many of you are so busy and might have become a family that never sit and talk or interact well with each other because life has become too busy, and technology fills our days.

One of the best things we think you can do is to have a luxury holiday somewhere with your family for several days, strengthening the bonding of your family.

To provide a family’s needs, many resorts provide fantastic facilities and help you to explore the world in style, and to fulfill your dreams.

You just need to browse and click on our links below – we’ve done the work finding them for you.

Spending money on your family vacation is really worth it. It gets the kids away from technology and will give you memories that will last a lifetime.


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1.  Four Season Safari Lodge Serengeti Africa

Africa … with a beautiful view and nature that will beckon and attract you to come with your family.

Four Season Safari Lodge Serengeti is dynamically one of the best resorts for your family.  The rooms are surrounded by the wild terrain, and you can see nature without any limits.

With the temperature of around 30º C or 88ºF, you can enjoy the primitive and traditional culture, and will ‘step back in time’ to feel the ‘original African hospitality’.

It offers kid’s activities during your stay too. From a family safari with your children from the safety of a jeep; swimming; boarding; a hot air balloon ride, and dining with your family. There is so much that will enhance the family time that will be rich in harmony.

Click here to book – Four Season Safari Lodge Serengeti Africa

beachside bliss

©Exploramum and Explorason – relax by the sea

2. Ayana Resort and Spa Bali

AYANA Resort and Spa Bali is a unique five-star hotel which offers a touch of local Balinese friendly service right at Jimbaran Bay – 8 km from Central Jimbaran.

Families who come and stay have great moments in their lives experiencing this luxury hotel as it is set on a clifftop.

Your children will get enthusiastic to meet and get to know a lot of friends from all over the world. Balinese know how to make kids feel special too.

Below is the white sandy beach, and it gives an ease for children to explore surroundings as you go for a leisurely family walk together. Playing sand, finding sea animals living in the warm water pools, or scampering over the rocks to the beach, kids who visit here are so excited.

Click here to book – Ayana Resort and Spa Bali

3. The Broadmoor

The Broadmoor is a brand-spanking-new resort and nestles in Colorado Springs.

If you are coming here with your family, then you will get the fabulous sensation of feeling, touching, and sensing nature, and it will heal your stress.

With breathtaking views of the lake and peaked mountains, along with two lakeside hot tubs, and a wood-burning fire pit, you will find bliss under the stars right here.

Kids can have fun with traditional sporting activities, whilst also enjoying the view. With so many sporting facilities that will challenge your children, parents can then head off to enjoy their dinner date and have precious time together.

Click here to book – The Broadmoor

4. Black Pearl Apartment Hotel

Black Pearl Apartment Hotel Reykjavik is in Iceland. This location gives a view of the town and is just 350 m from Old Reykjavik Harbour.

The design of the hotel is ultra modern and comfortable inside, with a big space for your family.  Your lovely children will enjoy it so much.

And as parents, you can enjoy the clear sky in the night, as Iceland has the most beautiful sky phenomenon in the world – the Northern Lights. It would be a great experience for your children to tell their stories back at school, or to their friends on their return.

The best time to see the Northern Lights will be in European summer time I believe but do check this before booking.

Besides this, you can take your children to cultural performances, and also historical museums.

Click here to book – Black Pearl Apartment Hotel

5. Hilton Tokyo Bay

Hilton Tokyo Bay might just be the best place to stay in Tokyo with your young family if you are seeking something a little bit different.

Located nearby by Disneyland, people love to choose this hotel, not just for location, nor just because Disneyland attracts a lot of children from all over the world, but because it has great facilities and a killer view of Disneyland too.

In fact, the hotel has fabulous facilities for both children and adults.  There is an outdoor swimming pool which only opens in summer, an indoor pool,  5 restaurants, and an indoor fitness center. There are child-friendly themed rooms too. And a child play area.

Click here to book – Hilton Tokyo Bay


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6. Fraser Suites Le Claridge Champs-Elysees

Paris offers a million exotic Parisian local attractions.  These iconic places will give lasting memories, complete with the ‘French sensation’ your kids will feel as they walk out around Paris seeing different things – things completely different from your home country.

One of the most luxury family properties you can find in Paris is Fraser Suites Le Claridge Champs-Elysees. These suites are located near to some interesting places, like the Arc De Triomphe, Place Charles de Gaulle, Place De La Concorde, Palais Des Congres De Paris, and the famous Seine River.

Fraser Suites Le Claridge Champs-Elysees have well-equipped apartment-style suites, complete with kitchen and dining room.

It will be comfortable for your family to stay there as you enjoy French luxury and style.

Click here to book – Fraser Suites Le Claridge Champs-Elysees


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7. Angsana Laguna Phuket

Angsana Laguna Phuket is located in coastal Thailand and attracts parents who choose a vacation with relaxation and style.

The resort offers a package of sensational activities to stimulate your children. Children will have a choice of activities – such as tree house, swimming, cooking, yoga, and spa – all for kids.

Decorated in a unique lovely style, this resort is recommended for your family vacations.

Click here to book – Angsana Laguna Phuket

8. The Tree House Resort

Staying in this eco property Tree House Resort is an adventure. It is located in Chandwaji, India. The unique form of tree houses will attract children. The resort which is set in the trees invites children to experience a different way of life.

It is close to nature and far away from the busy town. It is surrounded by the national park in the forests of Syari Valley in India.  It is only an hour’s drive from the famous Project Tiger Sariska National Park; the ancient city of Ajabgarh; and the historical city of Bhangarh. Your children can explore the things inside the park and get in touch with nature.

Your family can have a great holiday here!

Click here to book – The Tree House Resort

9. The Sun Siyam Iru Fushi Luxury Resort Maldives

The Sun Siyam Iru Fushi Luxury Resort Maldives which is located over the sea offers the sensational view of the ocean and is set in the heart of Noonu Atoll.

You can see the aqua blue color of the sea, and enjoy the atmosphere of living outdoors.

Your children can swim at the beach all the time and enjoy the moments playing on the white sands; or snorkeling and discovering the beautiful fish. Loads of water activities are available for all the family.

Family-friendly rooms are available. Your children feel the real experience of having a stayed on the water in absolute luxury.

Click here to book – Kuredu Island Resort and Spa Maldives


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10. Sails In the Desert Resort – Australia

Picture yourself in the center of Australia, surrounded by the red dust and a deep azure blue sky. You look out across the Australian outback and there before you is the majestic Ayers Rock or Uluru.

Sails in the Desert is just a 5-minute walk from the Uluru (Ayers Rock) lookout, so whether you want to see ‘the rock’ for a beer held sunset, or a champagne-style celebration sunrise, this is the place to stay.

The property boasts an outdoor swimming pool, a tennis court, and a relaxing day spa.

Click here to book – Sails In the Desert Resort


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  1. We loved staying at the Hilton Tokyo Bay during our last trip to Tokyo DisneySea and Disneyland! The rooms were very spacious, and the kids loved the bunk beds. The dining options were also phenomenal. We got to stay an extra 3 nights thanks to Typhoon Hagibis and enjoyed exploring the hotel.

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