Cabo Frio Arraial do Cabo Brazil

Cabo Frio Arraial do Cabo Brazil

We have arrived at Cabo Frio and will be staying with a lovely artist. She is a fantastic cook. A warm and friendly lady. We hit it off instantly and have a great laugh. Her favorite saying is “take it easy”.

Cabo Frio is known for white fine and soft sandy beaches, with amazing aqua blue water. Today, we are taken around by our new friends. They are pastors of a Baptist church here. She is Irish, he is Brazilian, and they have a lovely 3-year-old boy.

 The bay is filled with wooden fishing boats. Locals sell fresh fish under the trees. We then wander around the top of the bay to see where the bay merges. There is an old fort where the French tried to invade some centuries ago. I think the Portuguese won – from what I understood.
Coming back from the fort, we walk over the rocks. It is really pretty – and the other side looks over Cabo Frio.

We then go around the old part of the town. Very traditional Portuguese style buildings really make the town what it is.


Apparently, the church with a blue door and two tiny windows in the picture below is booked already for weddings scheduled for the next year. It has a lovely little square in front of it.

We then go to the convent. There is a display of ants on the building. They are made from coconut shells and cactus wood.

We are presented with local ice-creams / Popsicles to try. I tried sweet corn and I have to say it was incredibly nice. There are some great flavors. I would advise you try them out when you visit Brazil.

In the afternoon, the weather changes and it looks like there is going to be a storm. So we head out to beat it. Arraial dos Cabo is the next town we are headed for- about 20 minutes away by car. Below is a picture of how the entrance into the town looks – it almost looks middle eastern – or like salt grinders. There are lovely colored glass windows. There are several bays.

 I discover that the town had a thriving industry which closed. This has left it a little bit isolated, and with so much unemployment. The good news is that there has been a discovery of oil in the area. This means that the so it may take off again.

From there, we then take a trip to the 2nd bay. Here, there is a mix of the favela and modern buildings.

We headed up the hill and saw the most amazing bluff. The road wandered right to the edge of the cliff. It was incredible – with big beautiful houses.

It is a lovely little town that is mostly busy in Summer. It is actually nestled in between the bays – in the valley.

Coming back to Cabo trio, I spot this bar and feel like it describes the situation in Brazil very well. There have been some disruptions, but we have had no issues with that.

We have made some lovely new friends here. They have been so hospitable and have been kind enough to show us around.
Questions and Comments
  • Have you been to any South American state before?
  • How do you find their culture?
  • Aside from the beautiful beaches, what other features do you find fascinating in Cobo Frio Brazil?
  • Do share your comments with us below.

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