Buzios Brazil and Posada Le’Tage Hotel

Buzios Brazil and Posada Le’Tage Hotel

We have finished our stay in Rio das Ostras. By the end of the stay, my son had managed to fall over 4 times on the same knee. He was having a hard time walking, so the motorbike was a good option. We found a nice area on the way along the river.

We returned to the cafe at the water Barra de Sao Joao. The owner remembered us and gave me a t-shirt. He had good English and we stopped and had refreshments before we drove on. Definitely worth a visit if you pass by this area.

When we arrived at Buzios. We then head for the tourist information center and meet a French family with 2 children who are apparently also traveling around the world. We tried several hostels and posadas, but the main problem was no off-street parking.

We tried several hostels and posadas, but the main problem is that there was no off-street parking. Finally, we found a little posada. The owner did not speak English, but his friend did. We booked an accommodation for one night at Posada Le’Tage.

We had a great little room with an en-suite. It had an alcove 2nd bedroom. Perfect for leaping jumps onto the main bed -of course, I discourage this, but great for a photo! It included breakfast and was so clean.

We had a great self-service lunch (and surprisingly at a great price) – right in the next street. We then went to the beach though by now it was late afternoon.

If you stroll along there is a Briget Bardot statue. This would make a gorgeous photo around sunset. There are also some 3 fishermen statues out in the water.

At low tide, you can go climb and walk around on the platform area. We wander along the streets and find a place that has wi-fi. We head back and change before going out for dinner.

We meet a fun group from Macae and join them for dinner. They have a lovely 9-year-old daughter. So once the shyness is gone the kids get along well.


Next morning we have a simple and nice breakfast in the patio area. We know it is about to rain, and so we head for a boat ride. We hope the rain will pass and we will head to Cabo Frio later.

In the distance you can see our boat – it is “Babylon”. Something cool about it is that it has a water slide at the back.

We begin sailing the coves. We are the only English speaking guests. But one staff member knows some English and he explains the area to me. Everyone is friendly.

We have already stopped for a swim, and it has rained quite a lot. The dingy arrives with prawns. Drinks on the boat are included, so this is a nice touch.


By now it is freezing cold. My son is down the slide and back into the water. We then go back through the rain. There is no way I can safely ride the motorbike on the bad roads.

So we need to find a wi-fi hot spot to email the staff at the accommodation we had earlier booked. We head to a cafe. The Confederation Cup is on and so the crowd gets thicker by the minute. Fireworks go off and the crowd goes nuts when there is a goal. It is a great atmosphere.


We go back to safely keep our electronics. After that, we get changed and wander the stone main street. It seems quiet tonight. We move along the beach walkway. We meet a couple of people we know, but it still seems quiet.

As we walk, we meet a couple of people we know, though it still seems quiet. So we look for a nice restaurant for dinner and again we meet some lovely people.

It is nice to be chatting to people – we are really having a great time. After dinner, we catch up with our new friends.

We arrange to meet at the beach in the morning. So off we head – it is about 1/2 walk to the chosen beach and it is pretty packed. Unfortunately, after a couple of walks up and down, we can’t find them.

However, we do meet the French family (we had seen them a few times in town and chatted in the last couple of days too). The kids play, and the adults talk “travel and budgets”. They are going in the opposite direction from us. They have been where they are going, and so have we. So we give each other a few travel tips.

We have an invitation to stay in Cabo Frio. We are already a day late – because of the rain yesterday. But it is such a gorgeous day. We return to the posada, shower, and change. We get ready for the journey and a small ride around town.

Buzios – so far – has been one of the most gorgeous little towns I have seen on this trip.
If you visit Brazil, I do suggest you stay here.
We stayed at Posada Le’Tage which is one street back from the main rocky street.  We had excellent service and paid $100 a night – Buzios is expensive – this is cheap. We thoroughly recommend this Posada.
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