Route 66 – Flagstaff then on to Las Vegas

Route 66 – Flagstaff then on to Las Vegas

Today sees us finally hitting Route 66 again, and we discover a town named Williams. I am pretty miffed, as it is just a stunning retro town. It has been only 30 – 40 miles down the road from where we based ourselves.

It is where the Grand Canyon train leaves. It has a great visitor center, and my son is loaded up with goodies – all free, from the Ranger there. This includes a Smokey the Bear pack, and CDs of bugle music. There are fab cafes here.

Lots of street statues and fun things to do. It is also a place where you can stay in a retro style. Anything from a room that was a railway carriage, to great 50’s and 60’s hotels.


Alas, it is really cold and we have a full day’s driving. So we don’t stay long. Maybe next time, if I am ever back this way. It really is a fun place!


Now my son has a Passport to Route 66, Arizona. This is a book we purchased at the start. So he is often racing out to get his book stamped.

Some of the towns are terrible.  So run-down; it is sad. We enjoy Hackberry. It has a great General store though.

This is not the cheapest place to get Route 66 memorabilia, but each store has different items.

We find another old car, we think may have inspired the Disney movie, Cars. We found many – more than we have placed on the blog.

As we drive, we even find the Kozy Kone Park. We think this may have been an inspiration for part of the movie too. Next to it is this great site – a row of country letterboxes.

We have a coffee break at Mr. D’z Diner again. I confirm for the 2nd time – they make lousy coffee! But they do make good milkshakes!!

We decide to change our plans. We head straight for Las Vegas. We were to go to Laughlin for the night but we remembered that we gain an hour with the time change.

As we drive down the main road we are pretty shocked at how big it is. We have no accommodation booked. My son decides he wants Harrah’s again.

We stay there economically at Laughlin. So we use our Players Card (even though I don’t gamble).

We get this great room for $30 a night. It will be more on a Friday night, but it is a great deal and home for the next few days.

It is also about smack bang in the middle of The Strip. We can walk safely to so many attractions. It is a complete success, and my son is happy.

Questions and Comments

  • Have you ever been to route 66 of the Flagstaff region?
  • Do you find our visit to the place adventurous?
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