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Meteora – Greek Home Cooking – Best Restaurants To Dine

Meteoron Panorama Restaurant We had a really early start from Athens the day we arrived at Kalampaka,  and so we walked through town from Hotel Alexiou it was a lovely stroll to the top end of the road just as it curves up the hill. Here we arrived at Meteoron Panorama Restaurant. We dined here last […]

Travelling Abroad? Here Are Some Great Ways to Keep Your Family Safe

We all love the joys of a family holiday abroad. These escapes provide everyone in the family with a chance to relax – as well as forge memories which’ll last for a lifetime. However, as exciting as getting away is, there are nevertheless still hidden dangers. If you’re worried about keeping the whole family safe […]

Top 20 Things To Do For Kids In Malta (And Adults too)

Malta is an ‘exotic far-away location’ for most people in the world. Malta is also not thought of as your regular place to take a family vacation, but it is a great place for kids. There are family-friendly resorts, amazing kid-friendly restaurants and cafe’s, and loads of fun things for kids to do. Even if […]

Malta – A Photographers Dream Location

Malta is probably the most colourful island I have visited on my world travels. I was mesmerised by the bold and bright colours against the white limestone. If you are a budding photographer or if photography is your passion, then I’d love to suggest you book a trip to Malta. We’ve just spent one whole […]

You Cook – You Eat ! Kids Cooking Lesson In Istanbul

You Cook – You Eat! My Cooking Class In Istanbul Turkey Article by Explorason, Age 11 years Travelling allows me to experience all sorts of cultures and foods, and I enjoy learning to cook all over the world – From Africa to Vietnam, and even Turkey. I used to always want to be a chef […]

The Travelling Stranger In Istanbul Turkey

The Travelling Stranger In Istanbul Turkey or An Angel In Istanbul? I drove into Istanbul for the first time in my life at peak hour – guided by a GPS that could not be trusted.  Dusk was creeping into the afternoon sky, and the voice that guided me from this device instructed me to turn […]

You Have To Add Malta To Your Bucket List

It’s my birthday – I can’t believe I am turning 55.  How did that happen?  I really don’t know, but I want to celebrate it in a new country, with new memories to start a new year, so we chose the tiny islands of Malta as country 69 on our world trip. And OH MY […]

Why Train Travel In Europe Is Perfect For Families

Snow capped mountains swish by in the distance as I gaze out of the train window.  Here I sit in First Class style, sipping my cappuccino coffee and nibbling on complimentary snacks as our Italian train zooms at nearly 200 k.m.p.h. This is the perfect way to travel! Over the past two months, we have […]

Exploramum – Listed In TOP Australian Travel Bloggers

WOOHOO !!! We are excited to announce we are  listed in the TOP AUSTRALIAN & NZ BLOGGERS! In the world of website blogs, there are now literally thousands of people worldwide spending their spare hours ‘banging away’ on a keyboard.  Sharing their thoughts, memories, pains, triumphs, ideas, and their adventures. So when The Top Australia and […]

South Italy. Pizza, Crumbling Buildings, And The Mafia

As our South Italy train slowly comes to a halt in the Naples Central Station, we can almost smell the aroma of pizza, mixed with the musty smell of old decaying buildings, as the worn and damaged cobblestone paths dipped and fell under our feet.  The air is filled with mystery as Napoli, as it […]

Kids Growing Up With A Life Of Travel

Last weekend we have enjoyed three lovely nights with the American family from The Talking Suitcase. Based in Nice, France their children now attend school here, and they live in a lovely apartment in old town area of the city of Nice, just behind the sea front promenade where we have been invited to stay […]

Amazing Things To Do In Central America, Whoever You’re Travelling With

Amazing Things To Do In Central America, Whoever You’re Travelling With Image Source The beautiful bridge between North and South America is made up of the incredible seven countries which constitute Central America. It’s rich with things to do, from wandering around idyllic coastal villages, exploring ancient Mayan ruins, snorkelling, and a whole world of […]

Is Cinque Terre On Your Bucket List ?

We knew a person once who went on and on about Cinque Terre, Italy.  She had read the book ‘One Thousand Places To See Before You Die’, and had added Cinque Terre to her bucket list. She visited in summer and told us how the five villages (Cinque means Five in Italian, and Terre means Earth) […]

The Shocking Technology Challenge

Every day there seems to be some new gadget, home appliance, computer or another electrical item that the consumer is being told they ‘need’ to buy. For us as travellers, we often find we enter into a hotel room, and the lack of electrical sockets for the guests to use is shocking. With more and […]