My Son Goes To The Dentist in Panama – A Travel Guide

My Son Goes To The Dentist in Panama – A Travel Guide

Dentist in Panama

Dentist in Panama

©Exploramum and Explorason – visiting the dentist in Panama

As we approach the 6-month start to our trip, I decide it is time for a dental check-up for both of us and so my son goes to the dentist in Panama. 

Our discovery is that many people never plan for routine health check-ups when on a family travel experience. Luxury travel experts have always asked us to prevent what is preventable or else lose what is not worth loosing. It is an advise we wish to pass on to everyone on a trip to any part of the world. Many travelers will only seek medical advice when they get sick in the course of their family travel. What they don’t know is that this only messes up their single parent travel plans as they are forced to spend more time nursing their sicknesses than on the road having fun.

For us, it is important to visit the dentist every 6 months and we do this throughout our travels.


It is important for travel that families continue their dental routine.  Often the dentist can be covered either by your travel insurance or only be a fraction of the cost of a dentist in Australia or the USA for example.  One thing a travel expert will tell you is that your health must take priority when you travel, for failing health, aches, and pains can really ruin your ability to move around freely and to enjoy your daily events.

Younger Children

Younger children still require a visit to the dentist.  Explorason lost his front tooth in Fiji, and the tooth fairy kindly left the $$ in the USA as apparently there is no tooth fairy in Fiji. So visiting the dentist in Panama is something we need to take time for.

Medications Can Effect Teeth

My son had also had a double dose of antibiotics in Fiji so I wanted to see if they had affected his teeth too as they had quite a yellow tinge about them. I know antibiotics can leave marks on teeth with repeated use. For this reason, we have not taken malaria tablets yet.

There are no malaria mosquitoes around in Panama. The tablets are basically antibiotics.

Getting To The Dentist

With the help of two new friends, the trip to the dentist in Panama is achieved. Our first friend helps us get the taxi to the dentist. Wait over 1 hour. We pay $5 to register. (Plus the cost of clean at the end).

We have to provide our passport number but I haven’t brought our passports! Fortunately, we have our passport number inside our ID bracelets.

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Where to find the dentist

Our lovely dentist in Panama is Dr. L. Cuadia de Anna (I think – I am having trouble reading her writing on the card). She speaks only a little English. So our friend Elaine interprets for us. We both get a good report. I am so pleased there are no fillings needed.  We both get some fluoride treatment.
You can find this wonderful dentist at Via Transistmica, San Vincente de Chilibre.
Questions and Comments
  • Do you take your family to the dentist when you travel long-term?
  • What are your experiences?
  • Do share your comments with us below.
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7 thoughts on “My Son Goes To The Dentist in Panama – A Travel Guide

  1. Well, most people couldn’t stand being on the dentist’s chair, but I think your son did a fair job. It’s good to know that the two of you didn’t need any major procedures to be done. Regular dental checkups definitely help in keeping both your teeth in good condition.

    Weston Wadlington

  2. That’s good to hear! No cavities at all! You did a great job in taking care of your son’s oral hygiene. Anyway, I understand the reaction of your son. After all, it was just his first dental visit and I’m sure he’ll be braver the next time.

  3. You had a little adventure there before having your teeth seen by a dentist. But I am pleased to know that the both of you got a good report, and no filling had to be done. And even though your son was a little scared, he still went through it, so it’s a two thumbs up for him!
    Thanh Arnett

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