Route 66 – Laughlin to Flagstaff (near Grand Canyon)

Route 66 – Laughlin to Flagstaff (near Grand Canyon)

“Have you won Lotto?”. This is a comment I have just received on Facebook. My answer is “no”, I have not won any Lotto. I just sold my home and some of the things I owned for this trip.

We love making sandwiches and a lot of food in our rooms. Depending on our budget, we at times choose to sample budget accommodations. We also try different stores and this is how we have managed to find the best of bargains. For instance, the new T-Shirt my son wears here was $3.

I really loved the “Do not Disturb” door sign at Laughlin. It was written, “Living the Dream”. I kept that as it is exactly what I am doing.

 We head through the back of Laughlin. Once again the GPS takes us some off-beat way. We are heading to Oatman – an old mining town.

We get there and everywhere smells like donkey poo. We spot “feed the donkeys” signs in the area. However, we find that they always come down from the hills when they are good and ready. Today, well they are just not ready.

We also realise we have just lost 1-hour crossing state lines. There is a showdown with a cowboy gun fight at high noon but we choose to head on. We enjoy a couple of photographs but are surprised how cool it is getting.
We also notice it is getting windy.
We find this amazing gas station (first pic) and buy a magnet and postcard. They have some amazing old cars.
And it is getting windier by the minute!
 We find out that this is a road-runner territory – yet to spot one.
We head along Route 66. We stop at Mr Dz for a great retro diner for lunch. Milkshake and burger of course.
 We also find another couple of theme cars from the Disney Cars movie. We found “Sherriff” first.
And then we did a quick U-turn discovered “Mater”. He is the theme car from the wreckers on the Highway.
 We start to find really great western towns and Indian Trading posts.
 We start to get addicted to the Route 66 stores.

We run out of daylight yet again. We have been told it is going to snow that night. We have no idea it in a long weekend. Again we find it hard to find a hotel. The many we manage to check out are not up to our standards. I have learnt to say “no” and not get phased. This was not the case earlier in the trip.

It starts to snow and my son is super excited. We find this reasonable hotel. It is America’s Best Inn – The Arizonan.
It has refurbished rooms with great price and is located On S. Milton by Route 66.

It also has a fabulous buffet 2 doors down. It is right next to the Embassy Suites. We meet a couple of AFL football teams and enjoy an evening drink by the fire place. Off to the Grand Canyon and a few other sites while at Flagstaff. And some “down time” and “home schooling” I hope.



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