Collecting Treasures From Around The World

One day, when we finish traveling the world, I want to have a home filled with memories of our globetrotting.  Little knick-knacks that join together to form the story of our life-journey. This past week we stayed in iDesign Hotel in San Marino, one of the smallest countries in the world.  When talking with the […]

Fabulous Fez or Moroccan Mayhem ?

Fabulous Fez or Moroccan Mayhem? In Meknes, we stayed at the fabulous Riad Hiba where the manager kindly organized us a Grande Taxi to take us to Fez. These taxis are Mercedes Benz. They are old. They don’t have air conditioning, and sometimes they don’t have seat-belts working either. Make no mistake; the Riad staff […]

Chefchaouen Morocco is beautifully blue

Chefchaouen Morocco is beautifully blue We leave Fez early to head to the bus station in a petite taxi. Here we try to negotiate the price of a Grande Taxi, but being tourists everyone is unfortunately out to rip us off. So we head in to get bus tickets and meet two lovely French Canadian […]

Volubilis and Moulay Idriss Morocco

Volubilis and Moulay Idriss, Morocco We have been in Meknes now for a day, and I try where possible to incorporate learning into our travels.  In fact, we believe learning should be a natural part of travel, and I am disappointed when others just shop, eat and do the tourist thing.  When in a country […]

Treated like royalty at Riad Hiba Meknes Morocco

Treated like royalty at Riad Hiba Meknes Morocco   Prior to our arrival in Meknes, the taxi driver rang ahead to this Riad. When we arrived, they sent a man to come and assist us with our bags, and to find the hotel. It is one street off the main road, and right at the […]

Meknes Morocco at Ramadan – What a celebration !

Meknes Morocco at Ramadan – what a celebration! The BIG SQUARE as they refer to it in Meknes is the place where all the action is. And today being the day after (or the day after that?) Ramadan is facially over means it is party and celebrations everywhere. Explorason has a rod placed in his […]

Sahara Desert to ancient Meknes Morocco

The Sahara Desert to ancient Meknes Morocco “Get up”.  An abrupt Berber wakes us up and tells us to “get on the camel”. I quickly change into long pants and wash my face, and find my stuff in the dark. I’ve hardly slept, and this camp has no breakfast.  We have to be on camels […]

Stranded in the Moroccan Desert at over 50 oC

Stranded in the Moroccan Desert at over 50 Degrees Celcius We woke this a.m. to a cool, almost cold desert breeze. We had slept outside under the stars last night and in the end, I huddled to keep warm with my son.  I was glad at 5:00 a.m. when a cheery man woke me to get […]

Marrakech to Zagora Desert Day 1

Marrakech to Zagora Desert Day 1 It is Ramadan, and we have left Marrakech at 7:30 a.m. in a minivan heading through the Atlas Mountains.  Our driver is neither eating or drinking and the hot sun is pelting down.  Mind you he has no problem talking on his mobile cell phone and the road is […]

Goats climb trees in Morocco

Goats climb trees in Morocco This is NOT photoshopped! We are on our way to Essaouira in Morocco for a day trip to the coast, and we stop to see a herd of goats up an Argon Tree. Why are they up there?  Because they are eating the Argon nuts. They climb up and suck […]

The Magic of Marrakech Morocco

The Magic of Marrakech Morocco Hello Morocco. We have arrived to explore your wonder, beauty, and mystery. As we land we have just flown over hundreds of acres of beautiful green orchards and vegetable gardens, and I am impressed by the resourceful manner the Moroccans are already displaying. We arrive to be hit by a […]

The Magical colour of Marrakech

The Magical color of Marrakesh This blog really needs no words. It is me, walking the streets of Medina in Marrakech with my little camera. Marrakesh Questions and Comments What fascinates you about Morocco? What do you make of their culture? Did you get to visit Marrakech? How was the experience? Do share your comments […]