South Italy. Pizza, Crumbling Buildings, And The Mafia

As our South Italy train slowly comes to a halt in the Naples Central Station, we can almost smell the aroma of pizza, mixed with the musty smell of old decaying buildings, as the worn and damaged cobblestone paths dipped and fell under our feet.  The air is filled with mystery as Napoli, as it […]

Venice and Murano on a rainy day

Venice and Murano (Italy) on a rainy day The last two nights we have spent in Reggio Emilia – below Milano and we wish we had longer to stay. Our friends were amazing, and the time shared was very special. So with regret, we left as it started to rain again.  We drove on to […]

Falling in Love with Florence

Falling in Love with Florence Italy After two weeks of relaxing with house-sitting in the Italian hills, we are ready to see a bit more of Italy – on our tiny budget. We have just had to pay for both the cost of the exhaust and muffler to be replaced in our vehicle, and there […]