Sunday in York England – amazing!

Sunday in York England for 3 Australians “The sky is blue” I declare to my Explorafriend and Explorason as we sit in our little house-sit miners cottage and look out the window. We have been busy planning our road trip, so it is time for a break and to go and explore some local history. […]

Our Last Day in Sucre Bolivia

Our last day in Sucre, Bolivia is somewhat sad as we love this beautiful city. Sucre has fantastic markets, dinosaur footprints, great parks, and is also so affordable. I have to say that we have had great accommodation at the Hostelling International, and we have enjoyed delicious and inexpensive meals too. When we first arrived […]

Friends At Boca Brava Panama

My Son Meets Some New Friends At Boca Brava Panama A Quiet Start My son was going to have a quiet day today (as we have been tired) when it is turned upside down when he makes new friends At Boca Brava. We have been starting off his new world school year. We are using […]

Snowy Christmas in Wisconsin USA

Snowy Christmas in Wisconsin -with new friends and old- This year is going to be different as we have Christmas in Wisconsin. It is a festive season that comes after spending months on the road. We are glad that our family travel got us this far and is offering us an opportunity to have a unique […]