Top Things To do In Mekong Delta Vietnam For Families And Kids

Cruising the Mekong Delta from Cambodia to Vietnam has been an incredible experience! Our cruise was an option of either 8 or 10 days, and you can see some of our amazing Cambodia adventures in article one or article two on our website. Let me share with you some of the fun activities offered to […]

Top Things To do In Cambodia For Families And Kids

It is difficult to believe the words ‘relaxing’ and ‘exciting’ can both be used in the same sentence. They appear to be opposites, but we found that a riverboat cruise was the perfect way to explore Cambodia and Vietnam, and I found myself relaxing on board, whilst enjoying exciting land and water day tours. We […]

Perfect Family Cruise With Kids In Cambodia

We just found the perfect way to travel – a river cruise. Why is this perfect? Read on, and we will give you all the reasons why we found this to be a perfect family vacation. Over the past few weeks, something incredible has happened.  Many of you know that I have fallen in love with […]

Checklist For International Travel

Whether you are a frequent flyer or traveller, or this is the first vacation you’ve ever been on, here are some fabulous tips and a few hard rules. If you follow these, you will never feel overwhelmed or panic that you are forgetting to bring, or do something. BE PREPARED In the weeks leading up […]

Ladies, Let’s Get Packing For Your Cruise

Australia is cold and wintery right now and is experiencing a bitterly cold season. So we’re thinking that either a cruise, or a trip to a warmer destination like one of the Pacific or Caribbean Islands, the Mediterranean, or maybe even S.E. Asia, might just be next on our agenda. We loved when we cruised […]

Luxury Travel Packing List

Before you set foot on that next airplane, it is time to pack your case. Whether it is a business trip or time for a luxury holiday, you want to look your best. You also don’t want to lug a case full of clothes and accessories that weigh a ton and want to ensure a good […]

Add Budapest to your Bucket List

My younger sister messaged me “Budapest is on my bucket list!”. And it had been in mine too.  Maybe sister’s think alike? Firstly – it is pronounced “budda – pesht”. So practice that now.  Got it? Good. We can go on. We have been here in Budapest housesitting – about 20 km out.  Catching up on […]

Falmouth Jamaica, and Montego Bay

Falmouth Jamaica and Montego Bay We were meant to fly to Montego Bay, Jamaica from Cuba a couple of weeks ago. But due to a Cuba visa error (Cuba stamped our visa 2 days before we entered, so it expired when we went to leave – we didn’t notice when it was 1 a.m. after a […]

Labadee Haiti for a Day on a Cruise

This morning started as a perfect day.  As the sun rose, and I knew I wanted to see Haiti. I was hoping to explore more, but Labadee is privately owned, meaning that we could wander anywhere and it was owned by the cruise company. Explorason woke just on time as we docked, and the jet […]