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Volunteering In Costa Rica

Volunteering In Costa Rica Our family travels around the world has exposed us to some of the saddest realities of life that we address in this article about Volunteering In Costa Rica. For some of the less fortunate, the struggles to feed a family, afford their housing, buy school uniform, get a quality education and […]

The Attraction of Costa Rican Homes for Sale – Family Friendly Lifestyle

This is a Sponsored Post Many families are seeking a lifestyle free of the encumbrances of 21st Century living in the United States, but that doesn’t mean doing without all the amenities we have become so accustomed to. It simply means that many parents realize the importance of living a life more conducive to a […]

Costa Rica – Perfect For Family Travel

Have you ever been somewhere in this glorious big wide world, and suddenly you remember how special it was. You remember a moment.  You remember the fragrance. Or you remember something else that is special. In late 2013 we traveled through Central America, and when we arrived by plane in San Jose Costa Rica, we […]

San Juan Del Sur Nicaragua – a gorgeous town

Nicaragua Costa Rica Border Crossing -into San Juan Del Sur, Nicaragua – a gorgeous town- We had a great time piling into our friend’s car, along with a way too much luggage. This single parent travel, they drove us from Monteverde Costa Rica to Liberia and dropped us at the bus station. Here, buses depart […]