Malibu – Paradise For The Rich And Famous

Malibu, California is known as the paradise playground for the rich and famous, but it is also a location that is now attracting visitors from both North America and continents across the seas. Many of these holiday-makers are looking for a luxury Malibu vacation rental that is somewhat exclusive and ‘away from it all’, but less than […]

Fancy Flying To LA USA For Disneyland OR Hollywood ?

Summer in USA is just around the corner! So it might just be the perfect time to take the kids to Disneyland? USA Summer Flights from $836 Return. Flying Air New Zealand As world travel experts we bring you the latest in flight specials. Do you need luxury travel or budget travel? Air New Zealand […]

How To Find Bargain Philippines Flights From Australia

Flights to the Philippines from $509 Return on Full Service Airlines (Meals+Baggage included). Flights to Manila, the Philippines are on sale. Fly with various airlines, eg Singapore Airlines, Royal Brunei, Malaysia Airlines, Philippine Airlines or Qantas. All include checked baggage and meals. Click the links below to see all the flights. We have also provided […]

Australia to Los Angeles California USA – It’s Time To FLY

Now is the perfect time to consider flying from Australia to Los Angeles with these great deals. Flights to Los Angeles from $883 Return on Qantas or Virgin Australia. 2 or more people Qantas and Virgin Australia are both having a sale on flights to Los Angeles, USA. Qantas flights are in Oct – Nov/17 and […]

Disney Christmas At California Adventure Park

Disney Christmas At California Adventure Park  This is our last day with the hire car and we have just returned from Santa Barbara as we head off for a Disney Christmas. Helping The Poor So we venture out in the morning and run a few errands as we have some posting to organize. We had finally […]

Day Trip to Oxnard and Santa Barbara Mission

Day Trip to Oxnard and Santa Barbara Mission We are venturing out on a day trip to Oxnard and Santa Barbara Mission thanks to the guidance of our hosts. So in my usual way of loving the coast, we turn off the freeway way too soon. We spend a good couple of hours enjoying the […]

Thanksgiving in the USA for Australians

Thanksgiving in the USA for Australians Today is Thanksgiving in the USA for Australians and we have just returned from Hollywood to be with our LA friends. We are sharing the meal with friends to our hosts. While having our meal, we hope to seize the opportunity to get more luxury travel experts advice from these […]

Las Vegas to Hollywood Road Trip

Las Vegas to Hollywood Road Trip As we depart from our Las Vegas to Hollywood road trip today, it is a really boring drive through the desert. Fun Things To Do In Las Vegas Driving Through The Desert World’s Largest Thermometer We see a sign to the world’s tallest thermometer at Baker which is the […]

Joshua Tree to Laughlin via Route 66

Joshua Tree to Laughlin via Route 66 We picked this trip to Joshua Tree area after some good advice from luxury travel experts as we depart, so we sadly say goodbye to Palm Springs and are on the road for our single parent travel adventure. Our faithful GPS takes us the longest and most boring way […]

Gorgeous Palm Springs Plus An Overtired Single Mum

Gorgeous Palm Springs and an overtired single Mum We leave San Diego mid-afternoon for our next family travel journey and decide to drive to Palm Springs. We arrive and it is just starting to get dark. We have no idea Gay Pride Festival is on this weekend, so most reasonable hotels are booked out. Luxury […]