Viking Splash Dublin Ireland – what fun!

Viking Splash Dublin Ireland – what fun! Today I have a surprise early birthday present for Explorason. I have contacted Viking Splash and pre-booked tickets. They are not able to run tomorrow as the parade is on, so it had to be today. We climb on board, and are given Viking Helmets! I immediately know […]

Kissing the Blarney Stone and visiting the Castle

Kissing the Blarney Stone and visiting the Castle We have flown from Miami, the USA to London, and then onto Ireland. What a blessing to be collected from the airport by two lovely people we have never met. We stayed with friends in Brazil. She knew a lovely Brazilian – Irish couple, and they invited […]

Machu Picchu Peru A trip to remember

   Machu Picchu Peru  A trip to remember Yesterday we were up early to get the “collective”, or mini-bus to Ollyantaytambo. When we arrived, we instantly noticed the “tourist prices” at the restaurant, but we were so hungry, and with little time to spare, we ordered and pretty much scoffed our lunch down.  We raced […]

Visiting Cuzco An incredible Colonial city in Peru, South America

Visiting Cuzco An incredible Colonial City in Peru, South America We had been invited to meet and stay with Lainie and Miro, I had been chatting with Lainie, and we had also done an interview with her on her website this month. And then we finally got to meet them both. They had just moved […]