Kinondo Kwetu Kenya – Home Away From Home

If you are looking for an utterly fabulous place to take a relaxing break where you are pampered and treated like family, look no further.

Kinondo Kwetu is a huge old African regal homestead on the south coast of Kenya, and it means ‘Home Away From Home’, and it is just that.

We spent several days here, and have utterly and absolutely fallen in love with Kinondo Kwetu and with Kenya. The whitest of white beaches lies before us, and it is a place of perfect serenity.

It is hard to describe what has us in such raptures, so I’ve mainly used our photos – have a quick look.

You will see just why Kinondo Kwetu is such an incredible place, and just why it feels like a home away from home for us.

From the moment we arrived at this discrete and somewhat secluded retreat, we were impressed with the impeccable standard, and the lovely way we were welcomed by their friendly staff.

The entrance to our outdoor verandah was decorated with palm leaves and bougainvillea flowers – just for us!  I felt really special 🙂

This verandah opens out from the main upstairs grand lounge – a stunning area filled with antiques and African artifacts.

As we came through the front entrance via the wooden shutter stable style doors into our two room suite, we both let out an “ahh” at the same time. This made me laugh – we think so alike these days, and we both have the same taste in so many things.

There before us was a scene straight from an African movie.

Double doors separated the bedrooms, so it was a quiet haven for both parties and an ideal set up for families who travel with children or friends that wish to travel together too.

To the rear of the second room was another verandah that wrapped around and led to the main grand hall area at Kinondo Kwetu.

I selected the front bedroom.  The bed was decorated with flowers for me – too beautiful to move (I was so sad when the staff came to prepare the room at sunset and she scrunched them in a ball), and a gift of an African wrap was waiting for me in a zebra print – perfect for using when we go to the pool. Explorason was given a lemon tartan Kikoi wrap – he loves it!

An endless supply of bottled drinking water was on hand throughout the property too – small attention to detail that made it feel like home.

We headed through the adjoining double antique doors of our bedrooms, and Explorason had for the first time ever, his own room.

He also had a relaxation area complete with very old and stunning Maasai beaded chairs.

And a real bonus for Explorason was also the fact that we each had our own large en-suites.  Little details like mosquito repellant were supplied, along with beautiful essential oil toiletries. The little things that made us feel we had all we needed, and that the needs we thought of.

There was a huge general pool area with a beauty spa area off to the side. ‘Beach Feet’ for walking on the reef are available free of charge to use, and other sporting equipment is available to hire. Even kayaks down at the boat shed.

Sometimes romantic dinners would be served for couples with kerosine lanterns dotted around the pool as evening fell.

We found meal times to be a real treat here. We were treated with individual care, and our dietary requirements were catered for as well – something that showed they cared about us.  A daily menu board by the main bar was always on display too.

And then there was a ‘quiet pool’ in front of the beach view cottages.  This was an idea for adults only, or couples wanting some together time.

quiet waters

©Exploramum and Explorason – Kinondo Kwetu – adult only or relaxing pool

The Swedish family owners mix well with their guests but mainly leave us to feel free to relax.  They have two gorgeous old dogs, and Explorason really loved having them around to share his love with.  Another reason it felt like home. We miss our pets with travel, and they we such friendly and happy dogs.

We enjoyed a lovely moonlit dinner at Kinondo Kwetu – you can read more about that here.

It is quite a large property with a lot of private areas, and Explorason loved the hammock – of course!

This was a favorite place I’d find him after breakfast.

hammock heaven

©Exploramum and Explorason – Kinondo Kwetu – swinging under the trees

One day I came down to find the gardener explaining a game to Explorason.

I was so impressed he took the time to assist him. I loved how friendly the staff was to us!

Do you know what this game is called by chance?

In that same area is a lovely bar area they use some evenings at Kinondo Kwetu.  Also a great relaxing area for day or evening. There seemed to be a myriad of places to relax here.

I fell in love with all the African artifacts and antiques. The day we left, we headed straight into Mombasa so we could shop for some of these treasures.  We found a lovely little store named Mama Sita in Old Mombasa town about 1 hour away – and it had a few gems – well worth a visit if you head to the south coast of Kenya.

I think the main thing we loved was how relaxed we felt at Kinondo Kwetu.  With the gentle sea breeze coming from in front of us, it was a lovely place just to really unwind in seclusion.

If we had wanted to, they would have arranged day trips, safaris or visits to local attractions, but we chose to use the time to world-school Explorason, and just to enjoy all that was around us.

There are cheeky monkeys in the trees; but apart from the chance that they might sneak in your room if you leave it open, you will otherwise find Kinondo Kwetu to be a really safe and secure beach-side property.

The secluded beach is almost all to yourself, so morning or evening walks on the white sands are right at your doorstep. We also had a great time education Explorason on the reef, thanks to the help of the friendly locals.  We really loved this!

learning about the 3 types of sea urchins

©Exploramum and Explorason – Kinondo Kwetu – world-schooling

If ever you get the chance to come to Diani Beach or the South Coast of Kenya, please do yourself a favor and spend a few days in here at Kinondo Kwetu.  It will be a memory that lasts a lifetime.

Kinondo Kwetu really is ‘Home Away From Home’.



Location: Kinondo Kwetu – Galu Beach, Diani Beach, Kenya, Kenya

Phone: +254710898030 | +254702405543 | +254710251565
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7 thoughts on “Kinondo Kwetu Kenya – Home Away From Home

  1. I love the varied experiences you can get in one spot. I didn’t think of the coast when I thought of Kenya its landscape is obviously very diverse. Thank you for sharing such a detailed post.

    • Kenya coast is just so pretty. I hope you the there one day and this resort is one of our most favourites in the world. Kenya stole my heart like no other country I have been to before.

    • To me this was probably one of the best places in all of our world travels as far as service went. Certainly one of the best countries – Kenya is amazing – hope you get there!

  2. Oh wow this looks amazing. Kenya is one of the destinations hubby and I are looking at for a kid free retreat later this year – though this looks equally inviting for the kids to enjoy too.

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