Stressed – Come And Relax In An African Paradise

Kizingoni Beach

©Exploramum and Explorason – Kenya, Africa – Lamu Island – Kizingoni Beach – Kusini House

Imagine waking up in paradise on an African island to the sounds of pretty birds singing their morning song; with coconut palms gently swaying in the breeze, and the gentle lap of the ocean inlet before you.  All around you is pristine white; from the floor following up the walls to the roof.  And as you rise, the purity of white is cloud-like as you emerge from the white master bedroom.  There before you, awaits the dazzling azure blue sky, as you step out onto your Swahili balcony and breathe in the sea air.   Kenyan coffee is served – just for you in your private retreat.

Not a worry in the world; you smile at the perfect day that awaits you.  Here is an incredible piece of paradise, and it is a hidden secret we want to share with you.

This is Kizingoni Beach; set back off the white sands of the Indian Ocean to the north of Kenya.  And never have I experienced a place that evokes such serenity and relaxation.


©Exploramum and Explorason – Kenya, Africa – Lamu Island – Kizingoni Beach – crabs in the Indian Ocean

We have booked ourselves a slice of luxury in Kenya, Africa for one week.  For the executive or professional that has a hectic schedule and just needs to completely relax and recharge, this is the place to stay.  The villa is very adaptable and can accommodate from one to ten guests, yet the seclusion of the property has made us feel that we are the most pampered people, and it is just wonderful.

We have been professionally catered for, so we have been enjoying the most magnificent feasts.

Breakfast starts the day and is served to us by Daniel as we peer over at the beach (we are in a separate building from the villa) where the undercover dining area overlooks the water, and as fishermen sail past in their boats  Beautiful fresh tropical fruits, cereals, and toast usually start our morning, as well as a cooked breakfast for Explorason – with his favorite of bacon and pancakes filling his plate.

Morning and afternoon tea has been a favorite for us.  Ali the chef and Explorason have formed a friendship, and Ali has been teaching him how to make cakes, cookies, and the method to create homemade fruit ice-cream.  Explorason takes these cooking lessons very seriously and write the recipes down and takes photographs and notes.  The results are always fabulous.

Ali makes the best homemade pizza and pies we ave ever tasted in our world travels, and I really mean that.  He is just the greatest cook and served with a salad, this was the perfect lunch.

One afternoon Explorason tried to catch some fish for dinner with the captain of the speedboat, but sadly they had no luck.  It was a good thing Ali had a backup plan!

We spent the week dining in the evening at various locations on the property, but one very special night is the one I want to share with you.

We had arranged to take a donkey ride up the sand dunes to watch the sunset.  I’ve never laughed so much in my life as poor Mercy the donkey managed to take the two of us up to the top of the dune.  We gave Mercy a LOT of encouragement and Explorason was in charge of directing her.

There before us, the staff had made an incredible surprise, sneaking things up the hill without us knowing.  They had laid a woven mat, and lovely African cushions and we were served sunset drinks and “Bities” (or nibbles) by the fire as kerosene lanterns hung around us.  Then we start to hear chanting, and the noise grows stronger and stronger. Rather tall Samburu tribesmen start to jump before us shouting and springing in the air.  Explorason jumps up and joins them and soon so do I.  It was such great fun and an incredible time I will never forget as long as I live.

It is about now that my eyes start to well up with tears.  I’m so in love with Kenya.  I’ve had some life-changing experiences here the last few days, just in the quiet and peace of Lamu Island. My beach walks and times relaxing on the balcony with my morning coffee have just really made me so happy.  I know my purpose in life, and I feel like a veil has fallen from my eyes.

But tonight is our last night on Lamu Island, and then we move on with our world travels.

As stars start to appear in the sky and night falls, the Samburu Guards carry the kerosine lanterns back to light our way. Explorason is on Mercy and I am walking in the cooler sand sinking softly down as I journey on, and we return to Kusini House to be told there is a further surprise …..

….There before us is a wonderland scene.

Kusini House Beach Dinner

©Exploramum and Explorason – Kenya, Africa – Lamu Island – Kizingoni Beach – beach dinner

Kerosine lanterns have been hung on lampstands.  A formal table is set in the sand. A fire is lit to the side.  And a mat, cushions and Swahili Lounge has been brought from the villa and set up.  We know we are in for an exciting and memorable last evening.

We had been asked what we wanted for our last dinner, and we had chosen Indian curry.

Most guests would go for lobster and other assorted seafood but dare I say it, I’ve had too much incredibly good seafood, and I can’t fit any more in. (I’ve O.D.’ed on seafood – never thought I’d say that!)

For dessert, Ali the Chef then made an incredible pie with his own homemade pastry too.

Daniel heads off to fetch something in Kusini House and we move to the couch. We sit alone on the beach just gazing up at the moon and the stars.  God has just made total perfection at this moment.

Suddenly we hear a noise in the bushes and I confess I’m a little scared.  There seem to be quite a few people coming towards us, and shouting.

But they had tricked us!  Daniel has organized for him, the staff and some local friends to dance a traditional dance, and we laugh and are so delighted at this amazing surprise.  They are all dressed up and laughing and jumping and dancing, and it is a beach party.

We, of course, join in.  Wow – it was so fun!!

This night was an un-staged perfect ending to our time on Lamu Island.

In the morning it is farewell to all the wonderful staff at Kizingoni Beach.  A new and very different adventure awaits us later in the day.

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Kusini House farewell

©Exploramum and Explorason – Kenya, Africa – Lamu Island – Kizingoni Beach – farewell

If you are stressed – come and relax in paradise at Kizingoni Beach on Lamu Island.


Email:  Phone: +254 (0)20 388 27 63 / 55

“Features of the property included: Master Bedroom with double ensuite: X 1; Double bedroom with ensuite: X4 – including 2 separate front rooms with beach verandah and ensuite; Outdoor verandah hot/cold bath overlooking the private side property; Numerous dining areas: 2, Barraza areas: Numerous relaxation and lounge areas; Numerous 2, Open office area/library: 1, Guest cloakroom: 1, Massage table, Swinging beds: x2; Swimming Pool 15m, Fully equipped separate kitchen; Secure walled garden; Night security; Safe; Large planted garden with established coconut trees; Laundry room; Beach shower and foot baths; Powered by wind turbine and solar panels; Solar hot water; Speed Boat and Captain available; 6 Staff; Meals and drinks as an all-inclusive package available; activities including water sports and equipment available; moderate to high speed wifi available; plus much more.”

©Exploramum and Explorason – Kenya, Africa – Lamu Island – Kizingoni Beach – sunset crabs

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  1. Ruth, I felt my blood pressure decrease just reading your account of your special week. You are providing Louis with such a wonderful childhood. I am so glad I had the chance to meet you both IRL.

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