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Radio Interview with Merkury Radio Poznan Poland

  When we visited Poznan Poland (you can read about it here) it was time to share and publicly promote Exploramum and Explorason’s visit to Poznan. We had been asked for a Radio interview at Merkury Radio. Our friend Silvia (we reunited with her 2 nights ago after meeting originally in Guatemala) picked us up […]

Positively Poznan Poland at Puro Hotel

The moment we walked into the PURO Hotel Poznan Poland, Explorason loved it. It might have been close to midnight, but being an ultra modern and tastefully decorated property, really jumped out at us.  In fact, it is brand spanking new. Less than a year old, and is filled with an eclectic mix of all things new […]

Positively Poznan Poland – Pools, Playing and Publicity

We wake up to our last day in Poznan, Poland and the time has flown by. Today we are off to have some family fun time. Family fun is an important part of our travel. Tie we spend together with no technology, and just having a good time. Warm water pools are great for that. […]

Positively Poznan Poland – Prestigious Places and Producing Pops

This is our third day in Poznan Poland, and we have been having an amazing time so far, and are so glad we decided to visit. Poznan seems to be a city full of surprises, and today turned out to be no exception.  First off we headed for a walk through the old town.  There […]

Positively Poznan Poland – Pastries Prayers and People

This is our 2nd day in Poznan – you can read about yesterday here. Poznan is positively amazing.  It has only been a day, and we are so pleased we made it to Poznan. We flew with LOT airlines from Budapest to Warsaw, then a train to Poznan. First, on the list today was to see […]

Positively Porta Posnania in Poznan Poland

We are in Poznan, Poland.  I never in my wildest dreams even thought that when we started our world trip in 2012 we would still be traveling now – in our 3rd year. Neither did I think we would be in Poland. We flew in last night to Warsaw, and then took a train to […]