Sleeping With A Million Dollar View


©Exploramum and Explorason – United Arab Emirates – Dubai – skyline

Dubai is a city I have always dreamed of visiting, and tonight Explorason gets to dream as he is suspended out over Dubai!

Dubai has of course always been known for its incredible evening skyline. A city that comes alive at night and the beauty of the evening sky is mesmerizing.

So when we checked into our room at Towers Rotana, Explorason was delighted with the relaxation area that looked out across Dubai.  This was a million dollar view.  Where else in the world could you sleep suspended above the traffic, and literally watching the world go by?

This was a ten-year-olds dream of one of the best beds in the world!

Made all the more perfect when room service laid out slippers on a mat by the bed!

In the daytime, it looked more like an exotic veiled secluded area.

It was perfect for him, and I was really pleased that he was content to sit whilst I could enjoy relaxing with a complimentary travel magazine and some lovely fresh fruit.

Our lovely room at Towers Rotana was really modern and it was only a few steps from the Metro station, so that was great too.

We found a real mix of guests here. The health area is in the building behind,

It had a well equipped Bodylines Fitness Centre, a dance room, and there is a wide range of classes that are available. So if you stay here make sure to ask for the times as there is a lot going on.  If I remember rightly there was even kickboxing or martial arts, but do check on that.

Outside the Bodylines Fitness Centre area is a great pool. We used it on the first night and it was about 9:00 p.m.  I loved the warm jacuzzi pool on the side, while Explorason had a swim.  At around 10:00 p.m. we finally left and it was, of course, a lovely time of evening to see the lights of Dubai from the pool rooftop area.

In the day this also has a bar and food can be ordered at the cafe – even in Ramadan.

On one of the upper floors, there is a business floor at Towers Rotana.  For a little, extra guests can enjoy a private breakfast, all day finger food, and a place to relax or meet in the secluded areas.

Downstairs in the lobby of Towers Rotana is also stylishWraps Café and coffee shop.

Being only 5 minutes walk to the Metro Station, and then only one stop to the Dubai Mall, we headed out to explore more of there first.

After we exited the Metro, if you turn right and head down some steps, there is a shuttle bus that took us right to the front of the Dubai Mall. Saves a lot of walking.


©Exploramum and Explorason – United Arab Emirates – Dubai – Dubai Mall Entrance

There is a whole area in Dubai Mall just for the lover of shoes.  The entrance is graced with a giant colorful shoe.

And in the Souk Market area is the famous Dinosaur skeleton.

A beautiful sight to behold, and it came from the USA to grace the world’s largest Mall.

Large camel statues adorn the Souk Market entrance at Dubai Mall. And opulence is all around in wonderful stores that seem to branch off in all directions.

And being the end of Ramadan, finally, the food is displayed and there are even camel chocolates!

We catch up here with friends from Australia.

They have kindly brought us the famous Australian spread ‘Vegemite’, and we are delighted.  We meet and explore the Dubai Mall for a while and get to see the giant indoor waterfall.

This stretches out over a vast sea and over several floors.


©Exploramum and Explorason – United Arab Emirates – Dubai – Dubai Mall Waterfall

There is so much to see at the Dubai Mall. We seem to use this as a meeting point quite a few times during our Dubai stay.

I love this photo of Burj Khalifa which is right next door.

The Towers Rotana is centrally located.  It was great as we managed to get to the Dubai Creek in the daytime.


©Exploramum and Explorason – United Arab Emirates – Dubai – Dubai Creek

We crossed in a traditional Abra boat for one Arab Emirate Dirham – about 30 cents! This is a ‘must do’ if you go to Dubai.

Across Dubai Creek is the Spice Market and the Gold Souk. We meandered in and out of the stores and bought a lovely gold little coffee pot ornament, a flag, and a glass etched block of the Dubai skyline for Explorason – a very apt reminder of how he slept here each night at Towers Rotana.

After the Gold Souk, we ventured back and enjoyed the twilight along the Dubai Creek.

One evening we came back to the restaurant and bar area at Teatro at Towers Rotana.

It is a really stunning restaurant and well worth a visit. The entrance transfixes you with candlelight.

And downstairs it also boasts ‘Longs‘ – this is the longest bar in the Middle East and wraps around in a big loop.

Being Ramadan I didn’t head down there, because children are not allowed in the evening, but it was a very busy place indeed.

So, on the other two evenings, we headed to Flavours on Two. Each night has a different dining theme, and also where I enjoyed a lovely glass of African wine at the bar.

Explorason thought the chocolate fountain for dessert was a perfect ending to the evening.

Being Ramadan it is important to note that only certain places serve alcohol, and also restaurant opening times do change.

But here at Towers Rotana food and drinks are available. Just inquire with reception as to where and when etc.

In the morning, breakfast was also served in Flavours on Two.

On our last morning, we were up early for breakfast so the restaurant Flavours on Two was fairly empty. Ramadan had ended and it was a day of celebration here in Dubai.

On this last day, we head back to Dubai Mall to the giant aquarium area. We are to meet our USA friends that have just flown in.

We will join them in the next exciting chapter of our travels.

We are off to Uganda to help in a remote community where they have built a medical center and a school.

Explorason has decided to be the first white boy in the school, so please watch out for our next article on that.

We don’t leave Dubai until 2:00 a.m so it was great to have a late check-out and we wish we had longer at Towers Rotana.

It really has been a fabulous place to stay and helped to make our time in Dubai so special.


Accommodation Name: Towers Rotana

Location: Sheikh Zayed Road Dubai.   P.O. Box 30430, Dubai, U.A.E.

Telephone: +971 4 343 8000   Fax: +971 4 343 5111






Date stayed: July, 2015

Child friendly: Yes


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