Asuncion Paraguay so non touristy !

Asuncion Paraguay so non-touristy!

Our first wander around Asuncion on this family travel around the Globe.  We are tired, and so there is not too much to be done on the first day. This is what my eight-year-old son requests and I agree with him. We definitely need a rest from this busy single parent travel.  I bet luxury travel experts would also agree with us on this.

So when we discover The National Pantheon of Heroes (Panteon Nacional de Los Heroes) and oratory of the Virgin Our Lady Saint Mary of the Asuncion, we decide to go in and take a look. (It is located between Palma and Chile streets).

Inside are some great tributes to the men who served Paraguay in the past. It is interesting to see the difference in plaque sizes.

We manage to be there (on the inside) at the changing of the guard. The uniform changes on certain days: so we are informed.

We then head to the A or V shape hotel (depending which side you are) called the Hotel Guarani Esplendor. This avant-garde style masterpiece is retro heaven, but has been remodeled and is gorgeous inside.

I love the artwork. This is almost 3D and quite textured and depicts the tradition of Paraguay.

We head up to the pool and entertainment area to try and get some photos. It is a safe area for my son to have a runaround and gives me a great view of the old city.

We match around with photos and have a great time.

At the side is a great side of a building with some art showing the culture and history of the city. I love the contrast as the old buses rumble by down below.

We then head to the 4-square park. On one corner (below the hotel) is the markets. As we go toward them, there are several sellers.  They have various herbs for sale for their cold tea.

The men laugh as I take a photo of their game of checks. I like it – the markers are coke and soft drink bottle tops.

We then head to the markets. The prices are good, and there is a good mix of wares for sale.

My son has already lost interest and wants to go back to the hotel. The handmade mats are so intricate – but I know I would never use them when I set up my home again. So I love them and leave them – with much regret.

We end up at Bolsi. A restaurant that has been around for many years. It is set up with a cafe, so as we sit and eat, we meet a couple of local guys. One is a lawyer, and he invites us to see the country towns on the weekend.

We plan to meet up – his friend’s wife is about to have a baby, so we make plans – but they are tentative. We both decide we like Asuncion. It feels so safe, and we can’t wait to explore more. Anyway, for now, it is an early night back in our lovely hotel.
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  • Are you a family that permanently travels around the world?
  • Have you visited Asuncion Paraguay before?
  • How was the experience?
  • What did you make of their culture?
  • Do share your comments with us below.

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