Top 10 Things To Do With Kids In Holland

When you think of the Netherlands it’s usually cheese, clogs and windmills that spring to mind. Holland is less often associated with its family friendly activities, attractions and accommodations. There is so much to do in the Netherlands with kids that we often overlook it as a holiday destination. From theme parks to marine parks, […]

Doors Of The World

I have a fascination with doors. Ornate doors; coloured doors; door knockers; door trims; doors that fold; doors that seemingly ‘disappear’; invisible doors; and door handles – all these and more are a few of the things that often make me stop as I walk the street in admiration and stare at DOORS. There are […]

Argentina or London – Crazy Flight Prices Today

Melbourne to London from $925 Return. Sydney and Adelaide to Argentina from $1041 Return. Royal Brunei Airlines is having a sale on Melbourne to London during European Summer. Air New Zealand is having a sale on flights to Buenos Aires, Argentina. Click the links below to see all the flights. We have also provided some […]

Top Things To Do With Kids In London

Going to London, England? We just spent a week-and-a-half in London and loved every minute! For us, it was the lead up to Christmas, so it was the season for festivities, Christmas Markets, English humour, street decorations, silly Christmas jumpers, and shopping! But between all that, we managed to see and do a lot. TIP: […]

London Accommodation – An Arty Apartment

Wanting to rent an apartment in London but tired of dealing with dodgy owners and broken down appliances?  Then we think we may have discovered a great concept that offers the most fabulous service. If you rent apartments when you travel, then you will love this. Read on….. Central Check-in Our black London cab drops us […]

Staying On A Boutique Barge in Little Venice London

Little Venice is a hidden gem of London, tucked away near Paddington.  Here, pretty decorated narrowboats and barges line the canals and waterways of London as ducks, geese and swans glide on by the tea coloured water. We decided at the very last minute that because we were in France, that we would ‘pop over’ to […]

Vacation Ideas for Busy Students

Busy students seldom have time for fun, but everyone needs a vacation every once in a while. When you get a break from Arizona State University, you might really want to go on a vacation somewhere, but you may assume that you won’t be able to afford to travel and have a good time. Contrary […]

How to Save Money on Family Travel

Travel expenses may not be your first priority when managing the family budget, but chances are, it’s up there on the top of the list when it comes to the ones that you care about the most. Since travelling together as a family can be just as much of an emotional investment as it is […]

Bus, Train or Car: The Best Way to Get Around the UK

The UK is not the largest country in the world, but in order to travel from city to city, you will need to decide upon a mode of transport, as walking is not an option and cycling may not be wise. Most people drive or use public transport (train or bus). Each mode of transport […]

A Road Trip Is A Perfect Way To Travel

How long For exactly one year we took a very, very long road trip. A road trip that lead us along the ‘Road Less Travelled’ – which is by far my favourite way to travel as we meandered along many back roads, through lovely villages. With Explorason by my side as the perfect travelling companion […]

Ten Tips for Affordable UK Travel

We are about to leave UK, and I have some great ideas to share with you on affordable ways to enjoy your vacation. We have been in and out of UK over the past year or so, and really love it there. So have gathered some good tips for travellers from abroad that might head […]

Day 2 in London – so much to see

Day 2 in London – so much to see We are trying to see London in 2 or 3 days. We had a mad day yesterday, but we loved it. So on the way in on the train today we see the stop for Tower Bridge and jump off.  We are glad we did.  Here […]

Seeing Windsor Castle Marching Band Parade

Seeing Windsor Castle Marching Band Parade We arrive in Windsor and are pretty happy that our GPS has a car park right off the centre. We struggle to find a park, but we manage to score one and feed the meter and grab our printed ticket for a few hours. We wander up the high […]

Taking a bath in Bath

Taking a bath in Bath Our road trip continues, and we journey on toward Bath. As we draw crosser we turn off the Motorway, and onto a road leading in. We decide to stop at a bakery for a toilet break, and as we do we spy our hotel we have booked for the night […]