4 Tips For Family Road Trips

Taking a Road Trip with Toddlers.

Road trips are fun, but for many parents, the thought of traveling for hours with toddlers in the back seat is a nightmare.

However, as long as you are adequately prepared, there is no reason why a road trip with young children isn’t doable. In fact, if you plan it correctly, you might even have fun!

Plan a Route

Satnavs make life easier because they ensure you don’t get lost, but modern technology is not infallible and there are plenty of horror stories about GPS devices leading people dangerously off-course. Take a GPS device to track your route, but if you don’t have one, use an online route planner instead.

An online route planner is useful if you want to visit multiple destinations. If you are traveling with toddlers, it is wise to plan multiple stops along the way, so they can use the toilet, stretch their legs, and have something to eat.

Plan to stop every couple of hours.

Look at your route and see if there are any interesting places to visit along the way. Famous landmarks, child-friendly attractions, or anywhere of interest is a good place for a rest stop.

The more interesting you make the journey, the less bored your kids will be on your road trip.

Most kids will cope with a two-hour car ride, but any longer and it becomes more difficult to keep them amused. Once you have a route, download it to your Android or iOS device.


Take toys, handheld electronic devices such as iPads and games consoles, DVDs, and anything else your kids enjoy.

Don’t forget to pack their favorite cuddly toy and a blanket for when they are ready to take a nap. Coloring books are OK for older kids, but dropped crayons and pencils could cause carnage and do you really want to be pulling into a rest stop to pick up an orange crayon every ten minutes?

Food and Drink

Long road trips are boring, so don’t be surprised if your children eat and drink more than usual.

Snacks and drinks help relieve the tedium. Pack some biscuits, fruit, sandwiches, and potato chips.

Take some diluted fruit juice in sip cups and bottles and bring a large bottle of water if the weather is hot.

You can pick up extra snacks along the way, but it is sensible to take enough food and drink for the journey, just in case you don’t find anywhere nice to eat on your route.

Plan for the Unexpected

Expect the unexpected when traveling with toddlers.

Take a change of clothes in case of accidents or sickness, along with some bags for soiled clothing.

A pack of wet wipes will be handy for cleaning kids and the car, and for smaller children, some disposable diapers, and a travel potty.

Keep smiling, no matter what!

Whining kids are annoying, but losing your temper is not going to make the situation any better. Instead, enjoy spending time with your children and

Instead, enjoy spending time with your children and have fun pointing out the passing sights as you eat up the miles.

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