Watermark Hotel and Spa

Delight Your Senses At W Senses In Bali

When you travel where do you mainly eat? Do you venture out of your hotel and explore the surrounding area, or do you choose to dine in their restaurant? Most times when we travel and book a hotel, we tend to eat out of the hotel, mainly because you think it is ‘mainstream’ and ‘predictable’. But […]

Get Your Rocks Off In Bali

Recently we visited Bali.  Although maybe a lot of our readers don’t realize, being on the go is exhausting.  We don’t have our own home.  We don’t have our own car.  We live out of suitcases.  We move from place to place. Country to Country. And that is tiring. Especially as an older single Mum […]

Sunset Swims And Cocktails In Bali

If you are looking for the perfect place to enjoy a sunset cocktail or a snack by the pool as you unwind after a hard days shopping or golf in Bali, then the Watermark Hotel and Spa in Bali is the perfect place to stay. This is a new hotel (in the last year), and so […]

Japanese Breakfast In Bali

Traveling the world (as we do) has some amazing and unusual opportunities.  Not only are we able to explore fantastic locations, and stay in beautiful places, we are also able to try new and interesting foods. When we recently visited Bali, Indonesia, we were invited to try Japanese food for breakfast at Nishiazabu Imadoki Restaurant. […]