Hospital in Uyuni Bolivia Salt Flats With a Child

The hospital in Uyuni is clean and somehow very basic. There are no covered corridors and where my son lies is a basic outdoor room. My son has expected salt poisoning from licking the salt on Uyuni Salt Flats. The Hospital in Uyuni – The Room There is also no light-reducing curtains here it the room […]

Salt Flats Bolivia – DO NOT Lick the Salt

Today I share with you a serious warning if you are visiting the salt flats of Bolivia, and that is to ‘DO NOT Lick the Salt‘. I sit on a pillow on the wooden floorboards, in a dark and basic bedroom, and here I type. Today has been a VERY long day.  When Illness Hits And You […]

Salt Flats Uyuni Jirira Posada Dona Lupe Bolivia

Our dream has been to stay in some of the most unique accommodations in the world and one of those we hope for is a house made of salt bricks at Posada Dona Lupe. Bus Comfort This bus is freezing cold as the side window has slowly worked open. My attempts to shove a plastic bag […]

La Paz to Uyuni Bolivia with a Maniac Driver at Night

  “Oh my gosh” we declare, as our maniac driver weaves in and out of cement barricades at high speed. This is one fearful ride as we head out on our bus to Uyuni to visit the Salt Flats of Bolivia. I am pleased to have woken up feeling pretty well and not nearly as […]