World in Africa

Have you ever thought about how good it would be for a child to have fun when they are learning? What a joy it would be for them to wake and to be excited about what the day holds for them?  For my son, this is his life as he travels the world, and he […]

Feeling Blue ?

“What A Load Of Rubbish,” says Explorason as we walk into a building and inside are piles and piles of RUBBISH. Immediately before us, there are barrels of BLUE plastic waste, collected from the local beaches. Recently we stayed at Turtle Bay Club in Kenya. Whilst we were there we noticed a board that listed […]

Turtle Bay Club on the Kenya Coast of Africa

We left the Watamu area just a week prior to our stay at Turtle Bay Beach Club on the Kenya Coast of Africa. With a few days to spare before we flew to Lamu Island, we decided we’d like to experience a resort with a Kids Club that was also ‘All-Inclusive’, and of course it needed to be […]

When Tourism Dies ….

What happens when tourism dies? When tragedy strikes and area? When the Media and Government websites hype it up? When unnecessary risks are publicised. When warnings go out and scare the public away? What happens? Obviously, the tourists stay away.  Most heed these warnings (which are often blown way out of proportion) and don’t even […]

Employing Locals To Educate When Travelling

Employing Locals To Educate When Travelling Often when we travel to developing countries where the cost of living is lower, we find we can take more time, and travel at a slower pace. This gives us time to also catch up and have more dedicated time to educating Explorason as told here to Discavo. Our recent […]

Design Your Own Africa Safari

Design Your Own Safari “Africa – the home of the ‘Big Five’.    Animals that roam the savannah and jungles freely to be seen in all their glory, and we could not wait. Our time has ended after we were helping in a school and village mission in a remote area of Uganda. With a […]

Mombasa Old Town. You must visit Kenya

I am sure you have heard of Mombasa, but did you know it was an island?  No?  I didn’t either.  Nor did I know it had a checkered past. But when we visit Old Mombasa Town we soon discover its ancient history. We sadly left the south coast of Kenya by taxi, where we had been […]

Kinondo Kwetu Kenya – Home Away From Home

If you are looking for an utterly fabulous place to take a relaxing break where you are pampered and treated like family, look no further. Kinondo Kwetu is a huge old African regal homestead on the south coast of Kenya, and it means ‘Home Away From Home’, and it is just that. We spent several days […]

Where’s My Dinner ??? Mystery Meal Locations on the Coast of Africa

” Where’s my dinner tonight ?” asks Explorason.   To most, this may not seem like such an odd question, but here on the Kenya Coast where we are staying is quite unique and creative. And most meals are served somewhere new and different. So when Explorason asks “Where’s my dinner tonight?” it means we […]

Time Changes Here – Chale Island – Kenya Africa

We are off to stay on an island where everything is different. Our arrival is different for starters – we make our way at low tide via a tractor and trailer – through the sea channel as the salt water laps at the giant wheels. Off to the side, a clan of baboons is feasting […]

love to travel the world

22 KIDS WHOSE TRAVELS ARE SUPER INSPIRING “The common factor with all these traveling kids is the desire to experience everything our marvelous world has to offer. And the best news is that it’s never too late (or early) to start.” …. quotes Erin Bender. Read more about these incredible kids who all travel the […]

Where The Bush Meets The Sands At Nomad – Kenya Africa

The coast of Kenya is nothing like I expected. Nothing! But I had no idea what I was expecting – all I know is it excels every conceivable expectation. As we drive along, we head in through a natural reserve and emerge right on the beach, I think how my perception of Kenya was so […]