Sleeping In A Zoo

Over our many years of travel, we’ve been fortunate to stay in a range of exciting themed accommodation choices, and now, we get to add sleeping in a zoo to our list!

Whether you need a rest or some excitement, the Flinders Ranges has it all.


©Exploramum & Explorason – The Bakery at Stone Hut

The Flinders Ranges

The Flinders Ranges is a large expanse of southern and northern ranges. They form a U-shape over several hundred kilometres.  The landscape varies from stunning golden wheat fields to rich orange canyons, and majestic purple rolling hills.

Stone Town

As you enter the Flinders Ranges from Laura, the first hamlet is historic Stone Hut. A tiny settlers village with historic homes and a famous Stone Hut Bakery.  But there is more!

Surrounding the bakery on both sides is a zoo. This zoo extends to the rear of the property.  And, tucked neatly in the middle you will find traditional Australian accommodation.

So guess what we were up to that night?  Yes, we were sleeping in a zoo in the Flinders Ranges – right in the heart of South Australia.

metal walls

©Exploramum & Explorason – Australian style Massive ensuite

Sleeping In A Zoo

Our suite was large, with two bunks, a double bed, lounge and dining area as well as a huge corrugated iron bathroom ensuite.

On both sides of our Family Suite, there was an undercover patio area with a sitting area.

Sleeping in a zoo

©Exploramum & Explorason – our favourite black lamb

Petting Zoo

To the rear of us, we could hear the animals in the petting zoo and immediately went out for a cuddle.  Our favourite was a little black lamb.  But there were Llama, alpaca, cows, emu and kangaroos to name a few.  A couple of bossy goats came along as well. So, we fed them some of the hay from the bales and kept them entertained whilst we enjoyed the little lamb.


©Exploramum & Explorason – Making friends with the birdlife

Nibbled By a Galah

And to the rear of our double studio door entrance was a large aviary area.

When we entered the aviary I had the fright of my life.  One of the pink cockatoos commonly known as a galah decided to take a liking to my Kenya sunglasses beaded strap. He perched on my shoulder and began to peck away merrily.  He then decided that a nibble on my hair might be nice, which I didn’t think was quite so nice at all!

Snakes Alive

We promptly left the aviary! Next, we wandered to the reptile area to the side of the bakery.  Local reptiles are often rescued and brought here to recover, and then stay on as permanent zoo guests.  I was pleased the snakes were all behind glass, as I wouldn’t want one of them slithering out in the night.

Stone Hut

©Exploramum & Explorason – Historical Walk

Historic Walk

As Explorason relaxed in our suite, I grabbed one of the Information maps and went for a sunset historical walk around Stone Hut township.  Each home has a plaque giving the history of who lived there, how the church and school were established and made the town come alive.  Several of the historic homes are for sale if you are looking for a piece of real true blue Australian Real Estate!

And for a truly off the grid experience, we recommend a stay at Yacca Valley Cottage.

But, for tonight, we are off to the Laura Pub for a traditional meal, then returning to our cosy suite where we are sleeping in a zoo.

Famous Bakery

We enjoyed sleeping in a zoo here for two nights which made a perfect base for sightseeing around the southern Flinders Ranges.

But the most important reason to visit this bakery is not for the zoo, but for their famous sausage rolls!  With breakfast and lunch available at the restaurant it is a great place to stop in for a snack or a meal when visiting the Flinders.

We loved having a cooked breakfast here each morning before we went out exploring the region.


©Exploramum & Explorason – bird alarm clock in the morning

Nature’s Alarm Clock

And when it’s time to wake up when you are sleeping in a zoo, what is nicer than nature’s alarm clock with a plethora of bird calls from the aviary?

If you are heading to the Flinder’s Rangers, why not book a night or two and stay at the Stone Hut Bakery, Cottages and Zoo?

Its perfect for young and old alike. And if you are looking for great things to do in the Flinders Ranges, this is a great place to start.

Top Things to Do in the Rugged Flinders Ranges

Comments and Questions

Would you sleep in a zoo?

What’s the wildest and most exciting place you have ever slept so far?

Sleeping in a zoo

©Exploramum & Explorason – Sleeping in a Zoo

14 thoughts on “Sleeping In A Zoo

  1. okay this sounds incredible, and I never would have thought to try sleeping in a zoo. As a kid we did a trip to sleep in an aquarium once, and it was awesome! great article, love this.

  2. My almost 5 year old would LOVE to sleep in a zoo! I need to check out our local zoos as this would be SUCH an epic birthday gift for her! What a mega fun time!

  3. I recently saw another mum post about her son going to do this for a kids birthday party. What a cool idea!
    I’ve been to Kruger Park in South Africa and slept in a tent there. That was amazing and something I would love to be able to do with my kids one day.

  4. I love the small Australian zoos and can imagine it was a wonderful experience. It seems there were no peacocks around, which is good, because they can be insanely loud! I once stayed at a hotel just outside a zoo in the Czech Republic, and even though the windows were well sound insulated, the peacocks kept us up since 5am 😁

  5. I’ve never slept in a zoo before, but it sounds like a pretty cool experience! My Nanna grew up in house opposite the Perth Zoo. She said she could hear the animals all night! Honestly, I can’t say I’ve ever slept anywhere weird before!

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