Make Your Holiday Run as Smoothly As Possible

Photo supplied – see footnote: Image credit When you get the chance in life to travel you should always go for it. It opens up your eyes to a whole new way of living, and you experience things you would never have otherwise. But traveling can be stressful- with inevitable queuing and delays, baggage can be […]

Your Guide To Travel Etiquette

Travel etiquette may be a bit different depending on where you’re going. However, the principles remain the same. If you’re traveling to a country with another culture, you don’t want to annoy or offend the locals. Some gestures that people consider to be inoffensive can actually be very rude in other cultures. This guide will […]

Coming Up With The Perfect Itinerary For Your Trip

If you’re going on a trip, coming up with the perfect itinerary will help you to ensure you have the most fabulous time. However, the way to come up with the perfect itinerary might not be the way you envisioned. This advice will help you to create an itinerary. You’ll love the following: Don’t Jam […]

Top 3 towns to visit in Armenia

Top 3 towns to visit in Armenia One of the oldest civilizations in the world, Armenia is of great value due to its great history and traditions. It is almost impossible to learn all its mysteries, and explore all its sights in a short time. You should start planning the trip to Armenia beforehand, and […]

International Women’s Day

International Women’s Day Photo Exhibit 2016 International Women’s Day – What is that?  Each year an amazing mother, grandmother, daughter, girlfriend, and inspiring woman named Evelyn Hannon spend hours curating a collection of photographs of women from all around the world for her website Journey Woman This special article celebrates International Women’s Day. Both last year and […]

Easter Bunny in Banos – Bus Trip To Guayaquil Ecuador

We wake up on Easter Sunday morning in Banos as we prepare for our bus trip to Guayaquil. Easter Eggs Easter eggs are not readily sold in stores in Ecuador so ‘Easter Bunny’ has had a challenging time. Also, the fact that this single Mum has a child always present as a parent this makes […]

Niagara Falls in Winter – USA

Niagara Falls in Winter – USA – our road trip Heading to Niagara Falls in winter means we get to experience this away from the peak season and here is what we found on the USA side. Traveling in winter is proving to be a little challenging as chain Motels (which are not my favorite) seem to […]

Hershey Land of Chocolate At Christmas

Hershey Land of Chocolate At Christmas Tonight we have landed in Hersey land of chocolate and it is amazing, especially because it is Christmas celebrations. Discover Hershey Land of Chocolate The streetlights are chocolate drops here in this Pennsylvania town. Our accommodation is along Chocolate Avenue. This hotel has a great deal ($30US a night) […]

Bearizona and Meteor Crater and Winslow Arizona

Bearizona and Meteor Crater and Winslow Arizona Bearizona and Meteor Crater are two places you should not miss if you plan a road trip in this area.   This is our last day in the Flagstaff Region. We have been here for nearly a week and have loved our time here and could have spent a […]

Pearl Harbor With Kids – World Schooling

Pearl Harbor With Kids – World Schooling We arrive in Honolulu and have booked accommodation through Craigslist. It is a high-rise building on the 36th floor with a mid-way glass balcony, which instantly makes me nervous!   In hindsight, I would not do this again because it is not up to our standard, and this is […]

Sightseeing on Kauai Island Hawaii

Sightseeing on Kauai Island, Hawaii Today we start out early while it is cool to embark on sightseeing on Kauai Island, Hawaii – part of the USA. We understand just how disappointing it is to have a very bad family travel experience. So, as luxury travel experts, our hope is that today’s single parent travel […]

Top Things to Do In Waikiki With Kids

Top Things to Do In Waikiki With Kids We have been in Honolulu, Hawaii for some few days now. Life is VERY different from laid-back Fiji.  Here it is ‘go-go-go’. You might want to get great tips on how to survive here in Waikiki from reputable luxury travel experts like us or others on the […]