Is this the longest swimming pool in the world?  Where is it?   Read on, to find out! We are in love with Africa and in particular the coast of Kenya. We have been since our last visit in 2015, and it was for this reason that we decided to return once more to this […]

Sleeping In Swahili Style – African Round Hut With Makuti Roof

When you think of Africa, you might conjure up images of staying in a (Makuti) thatched grass roof building, with swaying coconut palm trees, monkeys scampering about, and set in lush green gardens with bright blooming vegetation. You might even imagine a uniformed Swahili staff member will warm dark skin that will greet you with […]

Monkey Business On The Kenya Coast

“Aaaaarrrrrrrhhhhhh!!!!!!!!” Explorason screams as a monkey darts out of our dressing room holding onto our bag of leftover snacks from our harrowing bus trip from Tanzania. “Aaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!” Monkey Business We have our room door closed, but we forgot to lock it, and this cheeky monkey has pushed the double doors open and then headed into […]

Unschooling & World Schooling Whilst Traveling Longterm

Schooling Whilst Traveling Longterm Unschooling & World Schooling This week should be the start of a new calendar year of schools in Australia but we are in Panama. Traveling is amazing and we see and do so much. Yet it has proven to be really hard for both of us in some ways. Trying to […]

Monkey Business On Isla Boca Brava Panama

Monkey Business On Isla Boca Brava Panama Monkey Business Today we went out looking for monkeys in the dark on Isla Boca Brava but only saw a few. We often hear them howling all through the night and it is really loud. My photographs were not that great as I had to use the flash […]