Visiting San Marino 5th Smallest Country In The World

“So do you know the list of the smallest countries in the world” I am asked? Let me see … ” 1. Vatican City, 2. Monaco, 3. Nauru, 4. Tuvalu, and 5. San Marino”… Our World Country Count As Explorason is country counting on our world trip, San Marino for us also becomes the 69th […]

Djerbahood Street Art of Djerba Island Tunisia

Djerbahood. What is it? It is street art and world famous and is found in a little town called Er-Riadh. We hire a taxi and he takes us through the back lanes. Here is just some of it. There is much more, and also amazing stores full of artists and art too.   Check […]

Day one in Paris with a nine year old

Day one in Paris with a nine-year-old and friend Exploramum, Explorason, and Explorason are excited! Today we are off to explore Paris! (I love this beautiful photo of my friend too). I’ve been put in charge of getting us to the center of town on the Metropolitan – I love the challenge, so here we […]