Netherlands, The (27)

Ever had a dream come true? I did in Amsterdam

Before we set out to travel the world, my son and I went through magazines. We cut out pictures and we made a ‘Dream Board’. This was four or five years ago now. We added the places we wanted to visit, and things we wanted to do. Not all managed to get onto the Dream […]

Wham Bam Shazam … We explore Amsterdam

Amsterdam is more than clogs and bicycles. It is more than the famous Red Light district, the ladies of the night, and the frolicking shows. It is more than the surrounding windmills, canals, and houseboats. It is more than edam cheese and tulips. Amsterdam is a city of all of the above; but it is […]

Keukenhof – flower shows are not just for ‘old’ people

In Spring the famous Keukenhof Gardens in The Netherlands open their gates to millions of visitors. Tourist buses line up, and so do many older folks and retirees.  But there is a new wave of visitors to these special gardens. And who are they? They are families, couples, school groups, and kids who all come here too. As […]

Living Like a Local in The Netherlands

Alkmaar!  “The Dutch Cheese City” is in the province called ‘Noord Holland’. It is also where we have decided to base ourselves for our last few days in the Schengen Zone of Europe. And why? because not only is it close to Amsterdam, but it is also one of the most beautiful areas of Holland. […]

Another day trip to The Netherlands

Another day trip to The Netherlands We are headed back to the Netherlands.  This is just Explorafriend and I as we have had a kind offer by the people we are staying with to look after Explorason so he can play with his grandkids and go to the movies, so we decided to go back to Holland. We […]

A quick trip to France and Netherlands

A quick trip to France and Netherlands We have arrived in France from the Dover Ferry. Many cars, bikes, caravans and RV’s are lined up and many of us chat as we waited to board. We have purchased a vehicle and you can read about how we did that here: It is an RHD and […]