Family Weekend Getaway at Second Valley

With our lives becoming increasingly busy, it is really important to book a family weekend getaway.

Family Weekend Getaway

©Exploramum and Explorason – I’m entering Valley House – our first accommodation at Second Valley Caravan Park

Stress and Addiction Breaking

Parents are becoming increasingly stressed, kids are addicted to online gaming, technology has started to rule our lives, and our bodies battle the stress and strain of day-to-day life.

A weekend, or a few days away really help in switching our minds over leaving the worries and stresses of the world back home for a few days.

I found I could think more clearly, I was motivated, I could clearly resolve some problems when I was away from them.  I loved having this family weekend getaway with my son where we talked and actually did things together.

Being in a different environment that instead of being online we could choose to watch a movie together in our cabin.  Other times he could go off safely around the Second Valley Caravan Park for a walk.

Second Valley Caravan Park

©Exploramum and Explorason – The verandah at Cabin 6 – our second accommodation at Second Valley Caravan Park

Independently Owned

I detest chain hotels. When we were on a road trip in the USA I actually cried once because I was so ‘over’ staying in hotels that looked the same. It made travel boring and depressing as it all felt the same.

The same goes for chain-owned or managed caravan parks in Australia. They all look the same and have almost a plastic feel to them.  So a small caravan park has that wonderful cosy feel to it.

Many years ago I was part owner of an on-site caravan at Second Valley Caravan Park, and so I’ve always loved this quiet little piece of paradise.

The caravan park is small and independently owned, so it has a unique character to it which is ideal for your family weekend getaway.

There is the large Valley House in the centre of the Caravan Park that we first stayed in. Also, several new cabins that are available too (that we stayed in later on).

We were fortunate enough to have the last cabin on-site right by the access to the beach and Jetty Store.

Retro Heaven

The 1970s and 1980s vans remain permanent on-site features and give the park an old-time feel.

Whilst we were staying during the week, the Second Valley Caravan Park was used for a photo shoot by ‘Friend of Franki’. Models and makeup took over the BBQ area. The old vans were used as perfect back drops for their fashion photography shoots.

With more and more people choosing glamping and retro vans, Second Valley Caravan Park is a gem.

On-site Cabins

We booked Cabin 6, which is centred on the side of the caravan park. It had a double bedroom for me, and my son had a bunk bed in his room. This bed was a double and a single bed. It was modern and clean with a large family area that combined the fully equipped kitchen, dining area and lounge room. Plus we had a heap of storage too.

Parking is right next to the cabin and has a separate fenced area prior to the walk.

Nothing beats waking up and making a coffee and sitting out on the verandah looking out at the beautiful birds in the pine trees.

Valley House

I loved staying in Valley House the most! I had a king size bed all to myself! Valley House was the old manager’s booking office many years ago. Now refurbished it has two more bedrooms at the opposite end of the house with bunk beds.

It also has a roller shutter so your vehicle is safely away, and kept any dust and dirt from blowing on it.

We had our own private rear outdoor BBQ and seating area that is completely undercover too. So, come rain or shine there is plenty of entertaining room if you are a big family.

Plus, there is a long front verandah with two very comfortable chairs.

Family Weekend Getaway

©Exploramum and Explorason – relax and read a book!

Read a Book

When is the last time you relaxed and read a book? Even if you forget to bring your own, don’t stress. There is a free Book Nook right outside the Jetty Store. So you can take a book and leave it you have finished with, or return it when you are done. If you have spare books, why not bring them down with you for others to enjoy, so there is plenty to spare.

I loved relaxing on the verandah reading my book, whilst others headed for the sheltered beach cover.

Movie Nights on your Family Weekend Getaway

With DVD’s available at the Jetty Store, it was great to have a Pajama night. Relaxing on the couch we enjoyed a movie together. Bring your own popcorn and hot chocolate and make it a family fun night,

BBQ Facilities

With a huge FREE BBQ area, there is no need to bring your own BBQ down with you. There are fridges that guests can use, and anglers can keep their bait and catch of the day at the Jetty Store too.

We enjoyed a lovely Saturday night BBQ with a bottle of Allusion wine purchased at the Jetty Store too.

Iconic Fish and Chips

The Second Valley Caravan Park has been here for many years and just outside used to be a small general store. Now part of the Caravan park too, the Jetty store has everything you need for your family weekend getaway. Whether you have forgotten the margarine, need fresh milk, or the daily paper.

And if Mum needs a break from cooking, then why not order takeaway and dine alfresco with their modern outdoor seating area. It’s open but undercover so perfect come rain or shine.

Don’t forget to experience the fish and chips here – we both ordered Hake Fish – which is actually shark!  And to our surprise, it was light and delicious! With the current managers both being ex-chefs, you’ll be sure to experience great food here. And I love the way they are environmentally friendly with their cutlery and packaging too.

So whether we wanted to dine her or take the food to the beach, we could easily choose either.

I honestly can say my morning cappuccino was perfect!  I wish I’d known that we could have ordered food and I could have watched the sunset in the distance towards the coast on our balmy evenings here, but I only found that out as we were about to leave – a good reason to come back, Id say!

Second Valley

©Exploramum and Explorason – meet Buddy! Second Valley Caravan Park is dog-friendly

Stay A While

If you can, I’d suggest a minimum of three nights for your family weekend getaway as this gives you two full days to enjoy Second Valley. There is so much going on in the area, so please check out our A-Z of Things to Do article (link at the base of this article).

It’s also a great place to reserve for a week in the school holidays. Plus, this park has dog-friendly options too incertain cabins, times of year, and areas – so please ask.

Whether you are a local Adelaide resident, travelling to Kangaroo Island, or touring Australia, make sure to book your family weekend getaway at Second Valley Caravan Park.

Family weekend Getaway

©Exploramum and Explorason

Questions and Comments

Have you ever visited the Second Valley area?

When was the last time you had a family weekend getaway?

What is your favourite thing to do as a family when you have a seaside vacation?

Tell us in the comments below, we’d love to know.

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2 thoughts on “Family Weekend Getaway at Second Valley

  1. Great article on Second Valley Ruth.
    We are currently away on a two week caravan trip. Staying at some fabulous caravan parks and definitely agree that the smaller independent owned are the way to go. Coffin Bay is perfect. The Streaky Bay Park was a little big for my liking but location was excellent. Port Lincoln Holiday Park also large but right on water with great views.
    Its also great that most parks these days allow you to bring your loved pooches.

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