Eat Authentic Cuisine With Locals

Eat Authentic Cuisine With Locals

EatWith authentic cuisine

©Exploramum and Explorason – Authentic Cantonese Cuisine


No matter where you are, there is local authentic cuisine just waiting to be tasted!

The world is without any doubt a hall of kitchens. We have seen them among the rich as we write as luxury travel experts and family travel experts and also as we have dined among the poor. Even those, who unlike us, never have regular meals, have kitchens in their homes and we have visited some of these as we ‘world school’ our way around the world.

If the quote “we eat to live” is true, then we might be right to say that kitchens are the places where ‘life is brewed’.

Our journey is not just about the fun we experience as we cross borders and have a taste of local cuisines. It is about the lessons we learn and how we use them to impact our society as we experience worldschooling in many interesting ways.

Authentic cuisine is here to stay

This is why we try to experience local cooking classes and as we sit and dine with local families and make new friends but sometimes we find these can be expensive.

We also are sharing our own recipes and inviting families to come to dine with us whenever we prepare these meals at our home. We love seeing people’s reactions when they have a bite of the Chuchitas we learned how to make in Antigua, Guatemala or the French mushrooms we were taught how to prepare by our neighbor we dined with whilst house sitting in France.


But often there are times when we cook traditional Australian meals and even meals we ould consider simple, are devoured as something special.  I will never forget cooking authentic cuisine from Australia as a meal for our Korean friends in Kenya.  The young boy especially was delighted and commented that the meal was a special treat for him.  That really boosted my ego and made me want to invite them over again. It was something different for him than the food his family cooked, or the local dishes we ate in Kenyan restaurants.

Authentic Cuisine

©Exploramum and Explorason – Authentic Cuisine can be simple or exotic

So what have we learned from all this experience?

‘Unique’ Sparks Conversation And Dinner Parties

The people we invite into our home to dine with us over a delicious but uniquely authentic cuisine can’t help but talk about these delicacies.  We end up talking about the recipes used, country of origin and the tastes of these foods.

The smile, laughter, and cheers we share while enjoying our meal is always heavenly.

Culinary Art

Culinary arts has, therefore, helped us kick off silence from our dining tables and has seen those we host to experience the diversity of cultures in the comfort of our home.

We feel so privileged to have learned have made so many unique things from our tours. While in Istanbul, we were taught how to make tomato skin roses as well as other Turkish food, so if you would like to learn the ‘how to’ behind Turkish Cooking then read more here.

We learned a lot from food festivals like the Weekend Food Festival of Juayua Ruta de las Flores, had a plate of Krinos during our Athens Walking Food Tour as we learned more about local Greek cuisines.

If you would like to try some delicious Greek cuisine like we did then read more here.


From our visits to hotels, restaurants, food markets and private premises, we have sought to find the unique and appreciate that we have ever been disappointed as many are always willing share with us the uniqueness of their cuisines.

What is great about this day and age is that you can also even book online to attend a dinner party, or have someone host a dinner party for your group of companies like EatWith.

authentic cuisine

©Exploramum and Explorason – Authentic Cantonese Cuisine

Market Tours

Market tours are great fun and we have managed several around the world – they are a favorite for both my son and myself. Don’t forget to wear comfortable shoes and to take your camera!

Again, EatWith can organize these market tours for you in exotic and unusual areas of the world, so why not book one for your next vacation. We also found they are a great way to get to know the ‘nooks and crannies’ and the local life of a city and to make new friends too.

Authentic Cuisine

©Exploramum and Explorason – Shopping at the markets for ingredients

Beautiful Messes

We have once in a while made beautiful messes while trying to replicate what we learned in different countries in our kitchen. There are those moments we discover that we don’t have all the necessary ingredients required for specific food and so we end up working with what is available in our country or whichever part of the world we visit.

We appreciate the fact that our end product is always equally amazing. In such moments, we believe that what we create is always a beautiful mess.

Home Dining

For those dining in local homes, it is a chance to taste either traditional or exotic dishes – or a mix of both and we highly recommend you book an EatWith meal with a local person whenever possible.  It is a far more authentic experience than dining at a mainstream restaurant.

Authentic Cuisine

©Exploramum and Explorason – Sharing a meal in Guatemala

Hungry for World Travels

When we share our experiences from our world travels through the meals we prepare, our friends and families always develop a hunger for our world tour. They become inquisitive and desire more to visit specific regions and have firsthand experience with locals. We find this to be a very creative way of marketing tourism destinations around the world.

Deep Desire

When you create a deep desire for something, you are always assured of a great result.

If you are a busy person, and your travel time is limited or you don’t want to take public transportation or drive at night, then a luncheon meal can be a great way to experience authentic cuisine too.

Authentic Cuisine

©Exploramum and Explorason – Authentic Cantonese Cuisine

Exchange of Ideas And Cooking Classes

Many are the times we have dined with others, who like us, are world travelers. We have invited them into our kitchen, or, they have done the same to us. We have ended up teaching each other what we have learned from our trips and it is a great way to learn new recipes.

Some of these lessons have been a reminder of what they or we might have forgotten from their/our culinary classes around the world. Others have however been new experiences that we both appreciate learning.


As we eat or prepare delicacies, we talk about the relevant and the not so relevant. Above everything else, we talk about the ‘ dos ‘ and ‘ don’ts ‘ – all based on our own experiences.

Authentic Cuisine

©Exploramum and Explorason – Authentic Cuisine – Australian BBQ


There is nothing as satisfying as knowing that you can replicate ideas and experience different cultures in the comfort of our own home.

New Recipe

Even more satisfying is knowing that you tried out a new recipe learned from your trip and ‘nailed it’! It brings flavor and variety from the kitchen and onto your own dining table.

It also makes people always expect something new and fresh whenever you invite them to dine with you. In other words, it gives you an edge over the rest, and it is really a great way to impress family and friends!

Authentic Cuisine

©Exploramum and Explorason – Meat choices at the local markets


But to me, the highlight is the time shared tasting authentic cuisine in the comfort of a traditional home.

Authentic Cuisine

©Exploramum and Explorason – a Cooking lesson in Guatemala

Book A Meal

If you would like to experience this why not book a night to remember through EatWith?

Authentic Cuisine

©Exploramum and Explorason – cooking one of our Mexican recipes

Become A Host

You can also become an EatWith host and invite people into your home – a great way to earn extra income and make new friends too.

To join EatWith simply register on their website.

Book Your Culinary Experience

To book a meal or tour using EatWith, simply check locations on their website.

Authentic Cuisine

©Exploramum and Explorason – Authentic Cuisine

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  • Do you consider yourself a good cook?
  • What is your favorite international dish?
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