Top Ten Tips for Choosing a Kenya Resort

We LOVE Kenya!

And we have been here long enough to know what makes a good place to stay and what doesn’t.  The experiences we have had as we journey around the world have helped us understand the challenges most travelers are forced to deal with. Choosing a good resort in any country tops the list as the hardest nut to crack. Let’s be honest, most of the time what you see when you arrive at the resort is never what you saw on their website.

Therefore you have to be super-wise when making any reservations.

Here are the Top 10 Tips for choosing a Kenya Resort.

In particular, a coastal resort that suits your family vacation needs.


©Exploramum and Explorason – Stunning Kenyan coastline at Turtle Bay


The location of any resort matters a lot!

When considering location, I always try to figure out the experience that I hope to have while at the resort.

For instance, when traveling to the coastal region of Kenya, I always want to experience the cool breeze of the Indian Ocean from my hotel room or have a chance of walking along the beach and interacting with the Maasais. I am also always looking for a resort that can easily be accessed either by foot or using any vehicle. If it is too hard to access, it means that your movement will be very limited once you get there.

While at Watamu in Kilifi County on the north-eastern coast of Kenya, Turtle Bay Beach Club Resort became one of our personal favorites.

We loved the fact that it is strategically located on the beach and has easy access to the main road that leads to the local market town center. At least we were able to enjoy life in and out of the resort, which is what really needed.

©Exploramum and Explorason – Using natural resources like locally grown coconuts is a focus of Turtle Bay Beach Club


Everyone looks for an accommodation that is in a peaceful, homely environment.

There are instances when we have had to end our stay in some hotels only because there were so many noisy neighbors or smokers in the premises. It became too hard to have a peaceful night, and my chest seemed to react from the thick cloud of smoke from the many cigarettes that were being smoked. If you are traveling with a child as I do, this might be more than a concern, since children are often more sensitive to such nuisance.

I bet this is what drove me into Turtle Bay Beach Resort since the rooms are very quiet and are made homely by the makuti roofing materials used. The beach is also not crowded like those resorts found near public beaches. It makes the area even more relaxing.


©Exploramum and Explorason – Explorason with one of our Maasai security guards


Without security, you are likely to lose your important documents and gadgets, and this would mean you officially get stranded in a foreign country.

I, therefore, consider security a very important factor that has to be considered by every traveler. Find a resort that assures visitors of their safety without making them feel too restricted.

The last thing you would wish for is to be in a place where you feel more or less like a prisoner.

So make sure that the resort strikes a balance.

Family Activities

As a single Mum, it has been a bit hard finding a resort that offers family-friendly services for single-parent families. At times I just want to let my child do his own thing as I do mine. Try finding a resort that offers fun activities for children since this will allow them to be kids as they interact with their newfound friends.

I love the fact that the Turtle Bay Beach Resort in Watamu has a Fun Base Team that involves visitors in a variety of fun base sports during the day. Your kid is likely to learn a lot from the art and craft activities, cooking lessons and swimming that he will be involved in.

One of the staff even took Explorason on a bicycle tour of a village and onto the back roads and sand dunes – he loved every minute. I then got the chance to go shopping and to the dressmaker, and I was happy too!

Interior Decor

A person’s surround often influences her mood. I tend to put on a happy face whenever beauty and elegance surround me. It is for this reason that I am always concerned about the interior décor of the rooms I book.

Some of the things that you want to pay close attention to include the type and quality of furniture, curtains, beddings, and toiletries. Every item has to be of the right quality and located in the right spot. This is another thing that keeps me going back Turtle Bay Beach Resort. I just love the interior décor used in the rooms including the locally carved wood that is used in the beds, and the paint-washed furniture.

Bars and Restaurants

These are the two facilities that travelers cannot live without. It gives them an opportunity just to relax and get to interact with the other guests.

I personally love restaurants because I get to sample the country’s local cuisine. It also relieves me from the boredom of eating in my hotel room, more so in the evening after a walk on along the beach.

The Turtle Bay Beach Resort has a Swahili style Bar and restaurant that has always made me feel the local vibe as I enjoy local cuisines. The good thing about restaurants is that your food always gets to your table while still hot. In case you are served with cold food.

Customer Experience

I have realized that luxury is always depended on how the staff at a resort treats its guests. That is why as we enter into a resort, I am ever keen to notice the reaction of employees.

How does the gatekeeper react when he sees you? How about the receptionist and the room service guys? Believe me, if everyone is careless and gloomy, there is a high chance that you will have a dull stay at the resort. This is why you have to find an accommodation that has a psyched up team. Even without knowing it, you will also feel overjoyed, and you will enjoy the stay. Turtle Bay Beach Hotel has a personalized and friendly customer service that I really love. I think that is why honeymooners and special occasions are always celebrated here.  We met a lovely couple as he proposed to her that night. The photographer was awesome too, and Explorason and he chatted away and I was so impressed to see how he motivated my son.

Beautiful Sceneries

If you are a nature lover, then you might be excited by the scenic view of oceans as well as flora and fauna at the resort. You need to understand that your adventure begins at the resort you have booked. The structures themselves should be very attractive.

At night, you might want to lay on the ground and count the stars as you reflect on your experiences. You might also want to wake up early in the morning at the singing sound of birds.

These are the experiences that I had at the Turtle Bay Beach Hotel in Watamu.

©Exploramum and Explorason – relaxing at dinner


Book ahead. This is most important during peak seasons. You want to ensure that you make your booking before all rooms are full. You also want to ensure that you get the right room, with enough space and hopefully beautiful view of the beach. Failure to do this might see you a room that is completely the opposite of what you desire to have. The rooms provided at Turtle Bay Beach Resort.

Now at Turtle Bay Resort Watamu, there are even gorgeous new villas available too.


©Exploramum and Explorason – The stunning dining area by the pool

Be Flexible

It is hard to find a resort that has everything that you need. If you are traveling as a family, tastes might differ, and everyone might be having her own preference. The best thing to do in such a situation is to be a little bit flexible.

Choose a resort that has all the essential facilities that you feel like you won’t be able to do without. I have deliberately placed this as the last point since I expect it to be the last option in everyone’s list.

Please don’t compromise your taste if you believe you can find a resort that perfectly suits your needs.

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Turtle Bay Beach Club

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Question to our readers…

What do you find as the most important factor when choosing a resort?

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