Banish Boredom For Kids On Long Journeys

Long journeys are tedious enough for adults, but for a child, it can feel like torture.

Having to sit still in one spot for a long time can make them feel restless and agitated, and without the right activities, they can soon become bored.

Thankfully there are a few things you can do to help everything run a little more smoothly, make the journey more fun and help to banish the boredom.

Get Organized

If for example, you’re traveling by road, plan your route in advance and pick a time where traffic and other delays will be at a minimum. This saves you from being stuck in the car unnecessarily and adding extra time to your journey.

If you’re flying, you could check in online beforehand to save time at the airport.

Planning and getting organized means less waiting around, so you only have to think about keeping the kids occupied for the actual journey itself. While delays and things are always going to be unavoidable, just do whatever you can.

Play Some Games

Sometimes the old games really are the best!

‘I spy’, would you rather and the license plate games are classics that don’t get old.

You could make up a story and get everyone involved, where each person says a line or two to continue it. It’s a good chance to have some fun bonding time with the family and make the journey seem to pass much more quickly.

Pen and paper games like hangman, noughts and crosses, crosswords, word searches and other puzzles are good for killing an hour or two on a long journey.

Alternatively, you could buy mini-sized travel games such as connect four or chess and challenge each other. This article has more game ideas if you’re bored on the bus or in the car on a long journey.

Utilize Technology

There’s no shame in letting technology occupy the kids on a tedious journey! A smartphone or iPad provides endless opportunities. They can play games, read books, watch Youtube, watch tv or movies, or listen to music.

Don’t forget to bring a couple of portable chargers along so that you don’t run out of juice on the road.

Otherwise, go with a handheld games machine, if you buy a new game especially for the trip it will grab their interest for much longer.

Make Regular Stops

Obviously, this isn’t an option with certain journeys.

But if you’re not running to too tight of a schedule, work out regular stops during the day. If for example, you’re traveling by road, you could arrange a stop at a park, play center or even a family friendly restaurant along the way.

It gives everyone time to stretch their legs, freshen up and breaks up the journey into more manageable chunks.

While the physically traveling from A to B isn’t the most exciting part of seeing the world, you can make the journey a part of the experience.

It can be an excellent way to interact and spend time together as a family.

Plus it can teach children the importance of patience and discipline as you travel from one place to the next.

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