3 days of Island Paradise Ilha Grande Brazil


3 days of Island Paradise Ilha Grande Brazil

Over the past few weeks, I have felt very drained.
House-sitting was in a more remote than expected.
We were very lonely.
Then we had bought a motorbike.
But this meant we could not travel with our luggage.
We had crammed weeks of study in, as we wanted to discard the books we were carrying –
– so extra hours each day meant there were a few battles.
But the carrot was when all the books were completed by my son
 I would allow Minecraft to be downloaded on my laptop.
When we traveled by motorbike, we had to take the back roads.
These were still crazy, full of potholes, and unmarked road humps.
I constantly drove on the verge, and the rear view mirror was in use,
making it hard to enjoy the view.
Mind you we were slow – never over 40 Kmph – often less.
We did stop a lot for photographs and bum breaks too.
To talk we would “yell”.
Brazil was as expensive as Australia to buy many things too.
To finish it off, we had smashed our camera, my son had fallen over more times than I could count,
and I had put on weight.
I also had to make some decisions as to where we would travel next -after Brazil.
So I think we just felt – well flat.
So when we got a great deal on our Posada, and it was so lovely, we felt very blessed.
It was just what we needed.
We knew we only had a few days, as we wanted to head down the coast,
and there was a conference later next week in the main town.
This means that the accommodation was booked out then.
So we had to arrive and depart prior to this convention.
That left us three nights to relax and explore.
So we were pretty pleased when the guy turns up again that helped us find the posada.
He has some throat condition and a very husky voice, but his English is good.
He shows us around the town.
Then we walk and find an amazing beach.
It is about then I notice he is making moves on me.
I can’t tell you the number of times he told me he liked me, thought I was beautiful,
and intelligent and on and on it went.
Next thing his hands are enjoying my back and neck.
I step away time after time.
Soon I am quite explicit with the “no’s”.
But he just keeps on trying.
We get to the old jail area.
Then the Aqueduct – it is fascinating.
I have read about the pirates and the terrible prisons that were on this island –
– jails that only closed less than 20 years ago.
I am trying to get the signal to my son to head back to town.
There are other tourists around so we start to talk to them.
We walk on and see tiny monkeys in the trees.
We are tired and try to find somewhere to eat, but most restaurants are not yet open.
We finally find one that is reasonably priced and head inside to hide, eat and drink.
It is all at 5 p.m.
By 7 p.m. we are under the trees with our toes in the sand.
I am enjoying a red wine and chatting to a German and a Portuguese.
It is a nice night…. It feels good to be on an island.
What I really like is the acoustic guitar playing.
By 9.30 p.m. we head up to our balcony.
My Casanova friend has walked by two times calling my name “Hoochie”
in Portuguese.
So we head inside and watch a movie.
Next day we decide to just relax.
We take ourselves around to the beaches.
I send emails for Airbnb, Hostels, Posadas and Guest Houses
in the hope, we can find accommodation in the next town after this.
Travel is often a lot of planning ahead.
I actually get to write a couple of blogs and just chill out.
We watch from the balcony as the Sao Paolo festival starts,
and listen to the singing and music.
We dart in and out and meet the brothers – who are happy and friendly.
By night time we head down to the festival.
Street sellers, and a small market are set up.
I buy myself some new earrings and a couple of souvenirs that are inexpensive.
My son goes for the chocolate cake.
This lady sells the most amazing food – it tastes like I am in Northern Brazil – or Africa.
It is all part of un-schooling to learn about the culture, and experience these festivals.
Of course, we run into our Casanova “sticky” friend,
and I let slip we are going to another beach tomorrow.
He invites me to go and dance. I decline.
We end up hiding from him along the beach.
We have an early night and a really great sleep.
Our last day sees us going to a beach on the other side of the island.
We book a boat ticket with a local seller.
Of course, I have no idea what the staff on the pier are saying and we miss the boat – or it doesn’t go.
So we find her and she gets REALLY angry.
She is screaming at me and rips up the ticket.
I realize it is about now that I am over-missing buses, boats and all the problems of the past few weeks,
and I go and have a good cry!
Wow, that surprised me.
But the lovely staff at the Posada sell me another ticket for an hour later.
So off we go.
When we arrive, it is not a surprise that our Casanova friend is racing along the path past us.
We head for the opposite end of the beach.
But down he comes and plonks himself with us.
He takes my son for a swim – he used to be a surf instructor he tells me.
He plays and is good with my son.
We enjoy the local boys – I sneak up for a pic as they watch the waves.
But soon his hands are wandering,
he is telling me he loves me and I am telling him I don’t want a man.
He just keeps on going.
All day.
It is draining.
In the end, I almost have to snub him.
I didn’t want to be rude, but he was bugging us and we wanted our time together.
I would have just liked him as a friend.
We go for a great walk around the rocks.
My son decides it is time for a dance!
It really is a beautiful beach!
We go to leave.
He packs up and goes with us. Crikey – this is getting annoying now.
He is jumping into trees, bashing pods with sticks and trying to get me some Brazilian pod.
He then shows us the monkeys.
By now we just start to laugh – he is going overboard with all this.
We dash off up the path.
He is holding us up so much and we lose the rest of our group.
We fear we will miss the last boat back.
Eventually, we just walk off.
We make the boat OK which is good.
We get back and shower and as I am on the balcony combing my hair.
It is a scene from Romeo and Juliet – he is calling my name again!
That night we go out to the street festival again.
We buy some amazing food and as we go to sit and eat, oh no – he is next to me again.
He goes off for a drink – we run for our lives!
We hide on the beach again and get into our Posada.
Balcony doors are shut and we watch a movie.
Tomorrow we leave.
But for now, I leave you with the wise saying of a Brazilian friend
“Enjoy today – for tomorrow belongs to God”.

We recommend Lonier Inn right on the beach.


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