Top Ten Taxi And TukTuk Scams Around the World

This is a world-schooling article by Explorason – 12-years-old. With more and more people traveling the world, it is the time we wised up and put a stop to the would-be petty criminals out there that try and take advantage of the tourist. They see you coming.  Sometimes it is your pale skin, sometimes it […]

How To Protect From Credit Card Thieves

Today I woke to the news my Facebook friend Jodie (who is currently in exotic Barbados) has had her Debit Card funds ‘cleaned out’ or stolen from her bank account.  Her first comment is that “but my card is still safely in my wallet”. How did this happen? I remember all too well that a […]

Lima to Arequipa Peru By Coach

We have just managed to get a great deal on a TEPSA coach to travel from Lima to Arequipa here in Peru. TEPSA is a newish coach company. Booking Coach Tickets They have a deal that two seats on each coach to ‘selected designations’ are massively reduced. So we arrive in the hope that we […]

Boquete Panama – When Things Go Wrong

Boquete Panama – When Things Go Wrong Boquete Panama Minivan Sona to Santiago We leave Sona on a small mini-van to head to Boquete Panama. Loaded with 4 backpack-style bags plus we now seem to have more food!  Things often go wrong with travel and I try to be real. Today is one of those […]

New York City – Beware Tourist Ticket Street Sellers

New York City – Beware Tourist Ticket Street Sellers Our first mistake in New York City was to purchase tickets off ticket street sellers during the single parent travel time we have here. if we were to give you some luxury travel experts advice, we would recommend you be very careful when buying tickets from […]