Sharing Love At A Hospital in Uganda Africa

We have left the glitz, glamour, and opulence of Dubai, and spent the night flying via Kenya to Uganda. By the time we arrived in Kenya, I had a boomer headache. I landed breathing into a paper bag and barely knew how to make it off the plane without fainting from the pain in my […]

Bonito Brazil Taboa Cachaça Sugarcane Tour

After missing out on tasting the sugarcane wine yesterday, we decide that today will be a great day to visit the Taboa Cachaca Sugar Cane factory. Our Guest House Starting our day, we have another fabulous and HUGE breakfast at Catarino’s Guest House. The reason many travelers stay at this Guest House is just for […]

Hospital in Uyuni Bolivia Salt Flats With a Child

The hospital in Uyuni is clean and somehow very basic. There are no covered corridors and where my son lies is a basic outdoor room. My son has expected salt poisoning from licking the salt on Uyuni Salt Flats. The Hospital in Uyuni – The Room There is also no light-reducing curtains here it the room […]

Salt Flats Bolivia – DO NOT Lick the Salt

Today I share with you a serious warning if you are visiting the salt flats of Bolivia, and that is to ‘DO NOT Lick the Salt‘. I sit on a pillow on the wooden floorboards, in a dark and basic bedroom, and here I type. Today has been a VERY long day.  When Illness Hits And You […]