Hotel Pullman Paris La Défense – Perfect for Christmas Markets

Watch our YouTube Video of 24 Hours in Paris before you read this article – it will inspire you! We’re crazy about Christmas! We love everything about Christmastime and the Christmas season. When we had our home in Australia, we would put the tree up in early November, and decorate it whilst Christmas music played […]

European Beach Holidays To Book Now!

Summer may be on its way out in the Northern Hemisphere, but this doesn’t mean that it’s too late to book a beach holiday. In many countries, you’ll find plenty of sunshine hanging around for weeks to come. If you’re thinking of planning a beach break in Europe, here are some of the best destinations to […]

A Road Trip Is A Perfect Way To Travel

How long For exactly one year we took a very, very long road trip. A road trip that leads us along the ‘Road Less Travelled’ – which is by far my favorite way to travel as we meandered along many back roads, through lovely villages. With Explorason by my side as the perfect traveling companion, […]

Top 10 for a 10 year old in Disneyland Paris

Disneyland Paris is a “Dream Come True” for my 10-year-old.  We came to Paris last year, and we didn’t get a chance to visit.  So on our way back to the UK, we just had to allow two days so we could visit both parks – Disneyland Park and Walt Disney Studios Park. We left Hôtel Napoléon around 10:30 a.m. […]

Brussels Belgium is a beautiful city

Brussels Belgium is a beautiful city On Sunday we were loaded into our friend’s car, and he became our tour guide and showed us around Brussels.  First, we went to see the Atomium – this huge scientific atom symbol made in 1958 as part of the World Expo. We were so glad, as it started to […]

Gent Belgium is Gorgeous

Gent Belgium is Gorgeous Gent, also known as Ghent, was on our way to our friends. See my blog so when we arrived we did not expect the GPS to take us into the center of town. You might think this sounds OK, but as soon as we see we are the only car amidst buses […]

Brugge Belgium is beautiful

Brugge Belgium is beautiful The first night we arrive in Belgium we head out to get some dinner. 90% of restaurants in Brugge are closed. Tourist prices reign for those that are open. I mean 15 Euro of about $25 for a Wrap. So the next morning we are not sure what to expect. We […]

Buying a car in England and driving in the Europe

Foreigners buying a car in England and driving it in Europe I’m writing this blog with detailed information, in the hope, it can assist other travelers not to waste hours and hours of their precious traveling time running around in circles. There is so little information on buying a vehicle overseas, so I hope this contains […]