border crossing

Slovenia to Croatia – simply sensational

Slovenia to Croatia – simply sensational Leaving Venice Italy, it is now time to drive toward Trieste, and then on to Slovenia. Having been told the tolls are quite high on this motorway, and also not being a motorway fan, we drive through a lot of farmland. We stop for food, and the little store […]


CUSTOMS and BORDER CONTROL Miami USA, Heathrow UK, and the Republic of Ireland We have just finished one and a half years of traveling in North, South and Central America. Now it is time to head to the other side of the world. We have been staying with our Airbnb host, and he is kind […]

San Juan Del Sur Nicaragua – a gorgeous town

Nicaragua Costa Rica Border Crossing -into San Juan Del Sur, Nicaragua – a gorgeous town- We had a great time piling into our friend’s car, along with a way too much luggage. This single parent travel, they drove us from Monteverde Costa Rica to Liberia and dropped us at the bus station. Here, buses depart […]

Riding The Death Train to Bolivia-Brazil Border

We are about to embark on an overnight journey riding the Death Train! Now before you freak out, it is important to know that times have changed since the original naming of the Death Train. The Death Train earned its iconic and famous name many years ago and there are many stories as to why. […]