Vehicle Hire

Purchasing a Car for Long-Distance Travel

Car rentals are ideal when taking one-off family vacations or road trips. It’s a lot more convenient than putting all those extra kilometres or miles on your personal car. We’ve hired a car and driven Route-66 in the U.S.A.; a 4WD and driven the National Parks of Uganda; driven all over the U.K.; through much […]

Is It Safe To Drive On Zanzibar Island? – Hiring A 4WD

I’m a single Mum. A go-getter who never quits. An EXPLORER, who YES, loves to Explore! So what better way to explore Zanzibar than with a 4WD that gives us the freedom to go where we want to, whenever we want to, and with whatever we want to carry. I’ve driven in Africa before, and […]

Awesome Adelaide Vacation For Families

Awesome Adelaide Vacation for families is an article you need to read for planning your next time away as a family.  We all need to get away every now and then from the ‘ho-hum’ grind of daily living and have some family fun. Whether it is for just a weekend, a week, or a month; […]