Hungary (44)

Never pay rent again! And travel the world. We tell you how.

Firstly – we have some great ways for you to reach this goal – to never pay rent again. So read on.  The secrets all be revealed. ………Many of you know we have been traveling the world and for a long time.  In fact, this is our third year. We get asked ALL THE TIME […]

Add Budapest to your Bucket List

My younger sister messaged me “Budapest is on my bucket list!”. And it had been in mine too.  Maybe sister’s think alike? Firstly – it is pronounced “budda – pesht”. So practice that now.  Got it? Good. We can go on. We have been here in Budapest housesitting – about 20 km out.  Catching up on […]

Crazy three week road trip around Eastern Europe – Pt 2

Continued from Part one – you can read that here first if you missed it We find ourselves back traveling through Serbia again, and we head northeast. This is one of the prettiest border crossings so far – over the river.  Then onto Romania to a gorgeous town called Orsova for two nights. We book […]