Without its beautiful sandy beaches, Mombasa would probably lose its meaning. This is a coastal city in Kenya that is well known for its Swahili culture and eye-catching coastlines.

As a tourist, you want to ensure that you experience the cool breeze of the sea and probably enjoy a sip of a cold drink without wandering far from your hotel room.

In other words, you need a beach hotel with a beautiful view of the sea and excellent services.

Should you wish to wander you might enjoy reading our Top Reasons You Should Visit Mombasa – a guide for things to see and do in the area.

But the first thing you need to do is to find the place that is right for you to stay at. And we have some great suggestions for you with these affiliate link hotels.

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Here are the Top 10

Beach Hotels

in Mombasa, Kenya

Neptune Beach Resort

This is a lovely hotel that has a wide entrance leading to its poolside. Enough lights surround the whole premise to ensure that you experience fun both during the day and when night comes. The employed staff are so friendly and professional, and will definitely make you feel at home throughout your stay at Neptune Beach Resort. There is a provision for private access to the beach which makes it easier to hit the beach and probably enjoy the very relaxing breeze as you enjoy a boat ride, take a walk along the beach or visit the Marine Park proximal to the resort.

Check the prices here: Neptune Beach Resort

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Serena Beach Resort & Spa

You can always expect to receive some warm reception and excellent customer care service on your arrival at the Resort. Every service rendered at the hotel is of a high standard. You might remain speechless when you see the Serena Beach Resort & Spa rooms since they are often too spacious, with lovely interior décor and a beautiful view of the ocean. Entertainment is also provided during the day as well as during the night, ensuring that you never get bored at any instance of your stay. You can take a walk outside and have an encounter with the monkeys which are always so curious and beautiful to behold.

Check the prices here: Serena Beach Resort & Spa

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Sarova Whitesands Beach Resort & Spa

One amazing thing about this Resort is that it is not located far from the airport. You, therefore, don’t have to worry about hours of being stuck in traffic and missing your flight when your stay if over. It is also proximal to Mombasa Island, giving you an opportunity to explore the Island in the course of your stay. The Sarova Whitesands Beach Resort & Spa resort is in a very serene environment with a breathtaking view of the sea from the hotel rooms. While the rooms are a bit small, you still get to have a value for money experience during the stay.

Check their prices here: Sarova Whitesands Beach Resort & Spa

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English Point Hotel

If you are looking for a hotel that offers the best views, then you should book this hotel. Being a beach hotel, you can be sure of getting a room that overlooks the beautiful ocean. You can also enjoy the cool breeze from the ocean as you relax on your hotel bed. The hotel also has a gym that is not so big but serves its purpose well. The facilities in the English Point Hotel are just very classy though some people might find the beds a bit hard. You also get served with a buffet though you might opt to pay for breakfast alone if you feel like the buffet does not have a variety of meals.

Check prices here: English Point Hotel

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Nyali International Beach Hotel & Spa

Perhaps the only thing that is wrong with this hotel is that its management is not as professional as visitors expect them to be. However, that is an issue that you might find already solved on your next visit to the hotel. It is in a perfect location that is expected of any hotel of its star rating. Something worth noting is that the Nyali International Beach Hotel & Spa has almost every facility within it: From spas to bars, Indian restaurants, and salons. Such facilities definitely ensure that you have the best experience during your stay. It would, however, be wise to confirm if issues with the management of the facility have been resolved since some people have complained a lot about that.

Check prices here: Nyali International Beach Hotel & Spa

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Milele Beach Hotel

This is a budget hotel that would definitely be convenient for visitors willing to limit their expenses on accommodation. Since it is run by a religious institution (church), alcohol and cigarette smoking is not permitted. This means that visitors can breathe fresh, natural unadulterated air and also never worry about the annoying habits of drunks.  Milele Beach Hotel is found along a stretch of beach which most often gets crowded over the weekends and during public holidays. The food served is very delicious, and visitors have an option of either choosing local cuisines or the type of food they are used to back at home.

Check prices here: Milele Beach Hotel

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Azul Margarita Beach Resort

This is a lovely hotel located along Malindi highway in Mombasa. There are not so many guest reviews on travel sites like to accurately analyze the services rendered at the facility. However, from the few reviews, it is evident that the Azul Margarita Beach Resort has a beautiful swimming pull, with structures that have been beautifully constructed along the coastline. The staff is also very welcoming and ensures that you enjoy every service offered during your stay.

Check prices here: Azul Margarita Beach Resort

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Northcoast Beach Hotel

This is the place you want to be, away from the hustle and bustle of life. Given that there is currently no entertainment at the premises, the hotel is peaceful by day and even more calm by night. Your kids will love the Northcoast Beach Hotel pools, and you won’t be worried about security. You can have a breathtaking view of the beach either from the hotel’s Pokomo Block or beach bar. The staff is friendly and treats visitors as royalties. Don’t worry if you cannot live without entertainment since you always 20 minutes away from that.

Book here: Northcoast Beach Hotel 

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Mombasa Continental Resort

This hotel lies along Shanzu Beach in Mombasa. This is a very prime location for those who want to be able to access different parts of Mombasa easily. Rooms are very spacious though there have been continued complaints about the bathrooms and toilets which are a bit outdated. The Mombasa Continental Resort serves a range of African cuisine which you might find to be mouthwatering. The staff is commendable though not as fast as some visitors would want them to be. Room service is also questionable though you can request to be served by staff members who are more reliable and passionate. Believe you me, they exist.

Book here: Mombasa Continental Resort

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Voyager Beach Resort

The property is so big and has three swimming pools. Seafood restaurants, tennis courts, volleyball court and amazing Swahili rooms. The lawns at Voyager Beach Resort are gorgeous and well maintained, giving the resort an even more welcoming feel. The staff is also very welcoming and fast in their response, both during the day and at night.

Check prices here: Voyager Beach Resort

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