Istralandia Aqua Waterpark

Attraction Name: Istralandia Aqua Waterpark

Address: Brtonigla, near Novigrad, Croatia
Phone: 052 866 90


Date visited: September 2014

Child-friendly: Definitely


Yesterday we decided by default to come to Istra, the top part of Croatia.

And why?

Because of a sign.

A road sign that leads us here!

We had checked in and talked to the staff who had advised us about a half day ticket.

So here we are. One very excited Australian boy !!!


Exploramum and Explorason – Istralandia Waterpark, Croatia – entrance

It doesn’t cost much more for a day ticket. They charge separately for the sun-beds and lockers, so don’t go locking your wallet in the car as I did, unless you have a good supply of picnic food and drink with you. We fortunately did. There is a huge grassed side area. You can even rent the sun huts.  Plenty of room for all.

Please folks if you come here, bring your ‘beach -feet’, ‘wet-shoes’, aqua-socks’ or whatever name you give them.

The paths are cement. There is a stack of loose stones around the place, and there are frequent opportunities for ‘free acupuncture’ as you walk to get to the slides.

Make sure you have warm clothes, and a lot of towels too.


Exploramum and Explorason – Istralandia Waterpark, Croatia – tube rides

These slides are amazing.

They have colored tube lights inside and glow in rings and shapes as you get close to certain sections in 2 of the tube rides.

One side has double tubes too, so we were able to go on together.


Exploramum and Explorason – Istralandia Waterpark, Croatia – these slides have light tubes in them of colors

The blue slide is a family slide. You need to have muscles for this one.  We managed it a few times.

A huge raft capable of seating 4 – 6 people I think is allotted to you at the bottom.

You then need to somehow roll; drag; carry, or a combination of all of the past to get it from near the pool up the stairs or driveway area, and then up another set of staircases.

Both my son and I really had a muscle work-out with this one.


Exploramum and Explorason – Istralandia Waterpark, Croatia – happy boy!

Then there is the six channel ride.  This is great for groups who want to go down as a race.

You can fly down this one and do twists and all sorts. The staff doesn’t mind, and it is fun.

Explorason went on this about 20 times I think.


Exploramum and Explorason – Istralandia Waterpark, Croatia – Channel ride

This is another double ride.  And only for doubles.

Make sure the bottom is up or you will find the middle vent acts like a giant cheese grater – not pleasant!  One time and you will be cured of any bottoms DOWN 🙂

Another time we somehow went down the first dip and wedged at the top. Impossible to move either way.  It was an interesting couple of minutes wiggling ourselves free.

So the time after we had a push.  That certainly fixed it.  This fifty-two-year-old Mum and her nine-year-old son went FLYING down.

We hit the END !!!!


Exploramum and Explorason – Istralandia Waterpark, Croatia – Tandem Tubing

I look again and Explorason is back on the channel slide.

There is also a wave pool, but each time he got in, we timed it wrong and it was finishing for 15 minutes.

Another ride was a jet blaster.  People flew through the air. Definitely adult and wedgie material – so we gave that a miss.


Exploramum and Explorason – Istralandia Waterpark, Croatia – good for groups

There are one-day family-passes available.  There is a height restriction of 140 c.m.  I now know Explorason is 139.99 cm tall.  Even with wet plastered down hair, it was debatable that he was within height restrictions.  But he was let in as such.

This was a day we shared.  A day where I pushed myself when I was cold and tired. But a day I was determined to make him have fun.

When you act young, you stay young.

So glad he had a happy day.


Exploramum and Explorason – Istralandia Waterpark, Croatia – Wet and happy Explorason

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  • Have you been to Istralandia Aqua waterpark?
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4 thoughts on “Istralandia Aqua Waterpark

  1. Such a happy boy. For what it’s worth, my husband celebrated his 60th birthday at a water park. He had a big silly grin on his face ALL day! Ah, boys will be boys, regardless of their age. 🙂

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