Photography And Thumbnails – Sales, Copyright etc

Exploramum and Explorason have an increasing passion for videography, photography and thumbnails and you can see some of their Fab Fotos and Terrific Thumbnails below.

It is to be noted that this passion has improved over the years and you can see our growth from somewhat very basic hobby photography into high standard images.

We are not ashamed of starting out with blogging, videoing, and photographing at a very basic level.  Through the years we have grown, learnt and expanded along the way.

Sit back and enjoy our journey as we travel around the world with us.


Photography And Thumbnails

Need to snazz up your website, a document, or printed material?


All of our photography and thumbnails and images are ©Exploramum or Exploramum and Explorason Copyright and are available for purchase on a single website usage basis.

Multiple Use

Multiple uses of photography are available to purchase on request. Itemised Copyright licensing documentation will be issued to you upon purchase, including any item photography use and conditions permitted for usage.

Third-party images with permission to use by Exploramum are an exception to the above.

Copyright with or without a © Copyright tag still applies.


Watermarking or overlaying text as copyright of our photography is NOT permitted. Double charges may apply for those doing so without our permission.


On-selling our photography and thumbnails is only available on special request and must be approved, and not included in a general sale.

Mittelstandsgemeinschaft Fotomarketing Rates

Prices for photography and thumbnails sales to websites will be based on Mittelstandsgemeinschaft Fotomarketing current worldwide rates.

Thirds Party Tracking

Our images (including photography and thumbnails) are submitted to a third party tracking company once published.  This company then may contact any business should they find the use of our images.

It will be requested that you provide the evidence of Rights to Use contract that would have been supplied at the time of sale. This company may, therefore, contact companies on our behalf and communication will need to be with them, not us once an infringement occurs.

Third Party Sale Websites

Our photography and digital art are also for sale at RedBubble, Pixels, FineArtsAmerica. If you see one of our photographs and love it (and it is not yet on any of these sites), please email us. We are more than happy to add it to the collection.  Note: these photography sites charge shipping so select one that has your local country to ship from if possible.

Alteration Of Photography

Photography and thumbnails must not be edited or altered in any form without our prior written permission from us (see below).


For more information on sales and advertising, please check our Advertising page here.

The fine print

• Our email address is NOT to be added to any marketing lists without our consent, nor used to contact us for SPAM, or website SEO sales etc.

• Full disclosure of product and business name must be supplied in writing with any application for use of our services.

• It is illegal to copy any of our work in any form from our website or social media.

• Exploramum, Explorason and Exploradog are brand names owned by this business.

• Subjects that are forbidden from our ‘family-friendly site include – gambling, adult gaming and betting; drugs; animal racing or cruelty; inhumane acts; criminal activity; religious including new age, meditation, spirituality, witchcraft; sexually suggestive, R-rated content or dating; political; smoking; tattooing or body modification; pyramid selling; some alternative education; unorthodox fundraising etc. Other topics may also be accepted or rejected and are subject to our approval.

• Due to international travel, all our prices are quoted in U.S.A. dollars unless otherwise stated. We do not charge VAT. or GST. Exploramum is an Australian Registered Business.

• Full invoicing is available on request via either Paypal or Bank Deposit. Legal Invoices will require client’s full business details. We do not supply a discount to Advertising Agencies. Neither do we publish in exchange for ‘exposure’ or ‘compassion’.

• Any International Banking Transactions may incur an additional International bank fee charged by the bank and is added to the invoice and must be paid by the client.

• Exploramum YouTube Videos, articles and all contents: including thumbnails, photographs, and video footage are the legal property of ©Exploramum and are not permitted to be used in any other form or on any website without correct Copyright and/or legal accompanying documentation from us prior to use.
Legal action may be taken against any person or site/s who use it in any form without written permission, and/or that refuse to remove this; if illegally used may find they incur an additional penalty.
It is illegal and fraudulent to add, change, alter, or remove any information, content, description or to overlay, watermark, or place annotations etc.  Separate claims can be made for each breach listed above without prejudice.

• All copying and downloading of our Photography, Images, YouTube Videos, Website Content, and any other Exploramum Content must have written permission prior to using by any third party – without exception, for each and every individual item used

• Any current and past Sponsored Posts, Social Media and Instagrams will have a 12-month lifespan unless otherwise negotiated previously. Links will be removed after this time unless further payment is received.

Contact: PO Box 191 Chevron Island, 4217, Queensland, AUSTRALIA • (ABN): 27 906 010 505

©Exploramum and Explorason – together we can help make the world a digitally safe place


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Thumbnail design starts from just $5 each.