Top Ten Taxi And TukTuk Scams Around the World

This is a world-schooling article by Explorason – 12-years-old. With more and more people traveling the world, it is the time we wised up and put a stop to the would-be petty criminals out there that try and take advantage of the tourist. They see you coming.  Sometimes it is your pale skin, sometimes it […]

Jesuit Ruins of Paraguay

  Jesuit Ruins of Paraguay Jesús De Tavarangüé Santísma Trinidad Del Paraná To get there we headed for a local bus. On this family travel, we were dropped at the corner and were told that it is where we get a taxi or local bus to the Jesús De Tavarangüé ruins.  After some confusion as […]

Discovering Puno Peru With a Child

We need a day to unwind yet we are also hoping to combine some time today in discovering Puno township and surrounding area before we leave. Laundry Day Having some washing to do, I set to this early so the bathroom is a ‘no-go’ zone with three lines strung up. This is the non-glamorous side of […]