Roads Blocked by 100 Trucks Force us to Fly to Santa Cruz

We have been waiting for a few days to leave Sucre. The buses can’t pass through the roads that are blocked by 100 trucks or more. This has been going on for some time now, as I later discover. Traffic We manage to get a great deal with BOA – a new airline here in […]

Our Last Day in Sucre Bolivia

Our last day in Sucre, Bolivia is somewhat sad as we love this beautiful city. Sucre has fantastic markets, dinosaur footprints, great parks, and is also so affordable. I have to say that we have had great accommodation at the Hostelling International, and we have enjoyed delicious and inexpensive meals too. When we first arrived […]

Stuck in Sucre Bolivia Road Blockages

We should be heading for Brazil from Sucre, however, there seem to be road blockages on every exit out of the country. Road Blockages I have already booked our bus tickets to Santa Cruz. Initially, we were told that this was a 24-hour strike on all major roads in out of the city with road blockages. Then we […]

Dinosaur Footprints in Sucre Bolivia

It is Monday, and time to go exploring for dinosaur footprints which we are pretty excited about. Today’s exploring in Sucre, Bolivia is on an educational level. One thing, as a single traveling parent that I try to keep a balance with, is education and exploring. This needs to be balanced with rest and fun […]

Visiting Tarabuco Market Town in Bolivia

We are up early this Sunday having booked a bus to Tarabuco – an area 2 hours from Sucre and famous as a market town in Bolivia. The Eventful Bus Ride Passengers We had a bit of an eventful bus trip to get here. You know all about it I’m sure. The loud, the drunk, the […]

Poor On The Streets That We Want To Help in Sucre Bolivia

There are so many poor on the streets that we want to help in Sucre Bolivia that we don’t know where to start. The old city is glorious, but as we visit we pass many old ladies and men sitting and begging. Dogs wander the streets, but it is the begging children that we are […]

Long Bus Ride To Potasi. Things Go Wrong in Bolivia

Today we find ourselves on an unexpected long bus ride. We want to move out of Uyuni as the past 2 days have been a nightmare. My son is weak from being in the hospital, and I want to move on in case he needs treatment at somewhere not so remote. Arriving For The Bus We […]